Are You Ready For SuperPoints Challenge?!

Are You Ready For SuperPoints Challenge?!

You always read about some privileged VIP tournaments and benefits. Well, if you are a VIP member of Casino Extra, then the time has finally come to put that VIP status to good use. Close your eyes and imagine: gold, champagne, caviar, free money and bunch of other amazing prizes. So start reaping the perks of these massive prizes with this Casino Extra challenge.

Are you ready?

From October 25th until October 31st Casino Extra have prepared for you some thrilling daily challenges for all of their VIP members. These challenges will give you the chance to build SuperPoint, and collect amazing prizes.

Chop! Chop! The life of luxury awaits

At the end of each day, the top 15 players who collect the biggest number of SuperPoints will grab a spot on the casino’s leaderboard, while getting points based on the leaderboard placement. First position will get 35 points, and the number will decrease. The 15th player will get 11 points.

Bring it on!

All points you collect will be tallied up, and the final ranking will be created. Can you be the one of the 15 winners?

If you can, then you will be credited an exciting prize, or a prize equivalent will be credited into their casino account, in real money.

If you don’t believe me, then here’s the glimpse of the prizes that Casino Extra has in stored for you:

  • 1st prize is a gold bar - equal to the value of €1100
  • 2nd prize is a gold bar - equal to the value of €350
  • 3rd prize is Magnum of Bollinger Grande Annee, Wooden Box - equal to the value of €200
  • 4th prize is 4x12g "Eggxiting" Averta Royal caviar – equal to the value of €115
  • 5th prize is 1x30g Alverta Royal Caviar + caviar show case – equal to the value of €80

Besides these, there are more prizes involved which include champagne, cash prizes, free spins and many others. As for the leaderboard standings, you can check it out on the casino’s official web page. You can see both standings for the current day, and total standings.

Take part in this high class VIP SuperPoints promotion, and start living the life of luxury you deserve. Head to Casino Extra right away and go get your prize!

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