Accept this Mission to Mars to win a share of $150,000 in treats

Accept this Mission to Mars to win a share of $150,000 in treats

Ever wondered what it’s like on the red planet? Maybe you thought of a venture outside of the galaxy all the way to planet Mars. There’s certainly lots of unanswered questions when it comes to this mysterious planet. And now Jackpot Capital Casino are sending their players on a Mission to Mars with their latest promotion.

The mission is on!

The idea of water on Mars is rather intriguing don’t you think? But with this US Friendly online casino there’s far more exciting things to be found than just water! Your favourite RTG Casino are giving away $150,000 to be exact!

Take a seat and prepare yourselves for the mission of a lifetime

Your mission to Mars, should you choose to accept will be one of a lifetime and it starts right away. You have until February 14th to take a piece of the latest galactic discovery. Only the brave will last until the end and find the cash that’s hidden along the mission. As you venture into the unknown you’ll collect comp points and climb the scoreboard to win your share of $120,000 in stellar treats.

You’ll also be also be able to rake in some cosmic cash as you receive a cash bonus every Monday, based on your ranking in the mission. We promise you it’ll be a mission to remember for a very long time.

How do I take part?

Mars is full of money, all you have to do now is find it. You can do that by playing any RTG Game at the casino during the promotional period. And here’s how you do it:

  1. Deposit at least $100 per week
  2. You need just 5 scoreboard points per week to qualify and at least 1 point must come from bets placed

Earning points is easy! For every $20 you deposit in each week of the promotion the casino will give you 1 point. And for every $500 in bets placed the casino will give you a further 1 point. So, your $100 in deposits will get you 5 points, all you’ll have to do to guarantee entry is play at least $500 in bets.

What can I win?

The more points you earn the higher up the leaderboard you’ll climb. Make it onto the top 300 players and you’ll earn yourself some nice bonus rewards ranging from $30 up to $600 for positions 1-3.

Each week, on Monday the scoreboard will reset itself giving you another chance to win! So, space suits at the ready and away you go!

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