A rare Specialty Games Tourney from Vegas Crest Casino

A rare Specialty Games Tourney from Vegas Crest Casino

Vegas Crest Casino is doing something different to welcome the holiday season: a specialty games tournament! This week only, you can win your share of $1,500 CASH by playing Vegas Crest’s unique line of scratch games, keno and bingo games, and all sorts of other games that make playing more exciting than ever. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover all sorts of new games and win some serious moolah, too! Get started now: this tournament will only run through Sunday the 7th.

How to enter

It’s easy to get started in Vegas Crest Casino’s specialty games tournament. In fact, all you have to do is start playing any of the eligible games! Just make sure you make a deposit if you haven’t done so within the past 30 days to qualify for one of the 20 cash prizes.

Eligible games

You can play for your chance at the $1,500 cash prize pool by playing any of the 20 games listed on the Specialty Games Tourney page on the Vegas Crest Casino website. These include Sudoku, Keno, JewelZ, Video Bingo, and several more.

Tournament structure

Your goal in the Specialty Games Tourney is simple: win as much as you can by playing any of the eligible games. The more you win, the higher you will rank on the final leaderboard. You can see if you’ve made it into the top 20 on the Specialty Games Tourney page on Vegas Crest Casino’s website. The chart is continually updated, so keep an eye on it to see how much you need to play to secure your prize.

$1,500 in real cash prizes

The Vegas Crest Casino promotional team will take a look at the final leaderboard after 23:59 on Sunday to determine the winners. If you’re among the top 20 players by the end, you’ll have real cash credited to your account automatically on the following Monday! Here’s how the prize pool breaks down:

  • 1st place: $500 cash
  • 2nd place: $250 cash
  • 3rd place: $200 cash
  • 4th place: $175 cash
  • 5th place: $100 cash
  • 6th – 10th place: $50 cash
  • 11th – 15th place: $25 cash
  • 16th – 20th place: $10 cash

A few tips to get you started

Before you head over to Vegas Crest Casino to win your share of the Specialty Games Tourney bucks, here’s a few tips to improve your odds of winning. First, try to spread your play over the next few days rather than all at once. This will give you a clearer picture of how the competition is playing and give you time to find the games that have the best payout potential. Second, take advantage of Vegas Crest Casino’s bonuses. From a huge welcome package to daily reload offers for existing players, you’ll almost certainly find something to stretch your deposits and give you more opportunities to win.

This rare tournament won’t be running for much longer! Head over to Vegas Crest Casino now and see what you can win by playing some of the most unique games on the web.

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