A new episode of Rappers Doin' Housework at Casumo Casino

A new episode of Rappers Doin' Housework at Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino is a well know online gaming site that takes the fun and entertainment of playing games to a completely different level via its one of a kind promotional system. At Casumo players can have an interesting and amusing experience playing one of NetENT’s amazing games that are offered.

An August special

This August Casumo has prepared amazing series, called Rappers Doin’ Housework. As you might have guessed, the series are about casumos, dressed up as popular hip hop artists, who are getting the house nice and tidy.

If you are a regular at Casumo Casino you’ve must have caught the first episode in which Jay C has done some mopping. If you have, then you know that the casumos aren’t dressing up as rappers just for sake of it. Jay C left some treats in your account before he left, didn’t he?

While they are making sure their house is spotless, casumos will be thoughtful enough to hand out all the unwanted bonuses and free spins.

Rappers Doin’ Housework: Episode 2

In today’s episode of Rappers Doin’ Housework we meet Snoop Frog, a casumo disguised in the famous hip hop artist Snoop Dogg, who will be busy mowing the lawn. This will be quite a challenge for someone who is allergic to grass.

However, Snoop Frog isn’t a quitter. After four hours and sevent­yel­eve­nth­ousand sneezings, the grass has never looked better. He also managed to sneeze out some shiny valuables to all the casumos at the same time. Bless his generous, sneezing heart!

What’s next?

Stay tuned and prepare yourself for more amazing episodes of the Rappers Doin’ Housework. Don’t miss out on Conny West who will be making some huge and colourful home improvements in the next episode.

Casumo Casino prepared a treat for existing players

When you visit Casumo Casino today, perhaps you could make a new deposit. All Casumo’s existing players, that is to say players who made a deposit at Casumo in the past, are in for a surprise today. Existing players who make a new deposit today will get 10 Free spins on the NetENT’s video slot The Wish Master.

The Wish Master

Only 3 easy steps are between you and your free spins. You just need to:

  1. Login.
  2. Make a new deposit and click the symbol under Valuables.
  3. Drop it like it’s hot.

Keep in mind though that the valuable self-destructs on 8th August at 23:59 and that the deposit bonuses have the wagering requirement of 25 times the total amount.

Go to Casumo Casino Now and get your Free spins. And of course don’t forget to also check out Rappers Doin’ Housework.

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