The Aliens Have Invaded NetEnt Casinos!

The Aliens Have Invaded NetEnt Casinos!

After months of anticipation, NetEnt has finally premiered the Aliens video slot. Based on the popular James Cameron sci-fi movie with the same name, Aliens gives you the chance to find big cash on the deadly LV-426 colony with Ripley and the Colonial Marines. The game is one of NetEnt’s most innovative yet, with a story-based progression with plenty of action in every round. If you’re up for the challenge, you can give this thrilling new game a try for fun or for real money at any of our listed NetEnt casinos.

Find the Hive, Save the Universe

NetEnt’s Aliens follows the real plot line of the original movie with an innovative three-part structure. In the initial Searching phase, your goal is to find alien activity on the colony. Once you’ve filled up your “ac­tiv­ity­” meter, you’ll be hurled into the Encounter round. Spin to keep your ammo up and fight against the aliens coming your way! If you can survive, you’ll enter the final round, the Hive, where the Queen of the aliens awaits. Destroy the Queen and win big!

Phase 1: The Search

In The Search, your goal is to confirm the existence of aliens on the colony. Every line win you get will add to your Activity meter. With each consecutive win, you’ll increase the spin multiplier for the different symbols – up to 14x by the end of the round! These symbol multipliers will carry over into The Encounter when the meter fills, so hope for lots of consecutive big spins!

Phase 2: The Encounter

Things get instantly more deadly when The Encounter round begins. You’ll start with 5 rounds of Ammo. Your Ammo meter is displayed on the bottom-right, and as long as you have some, you’ll keep getting to spin. Each spin gives you three identical symbols (with their Symbol Multiplier!) on the middle row of the first three reels, making it easier to score fours and fives-­of-­a-k­ind. 

Need Ammo? You’ll need to get the Ammo symbol on the middle reel, which appears randomly. When it does, the Ammo Clip Reel will display, giving you a random amount of ammo (hopefully!). Be careful: if you run out, you’ll be violently killed by one of the alien attackers and go back to Phase 1.

If you make it through all symbols, you’ll advance to the final and most lucrative round of all.

Phase 3: The Hive

If you can make it to the Queen’s chamber, you could be just moments away from a huge windfall. The round will start with an ammo clip loaded with 4 bullets (a total of 5 re-spins). You’ll then get a grenade with a random strength level, as well as a random multiplier. Combined, these will deal damage to the Hive: the harder your attack, the bigger the win!

Destroy the Aliens Today!

If you’re ready to play Aliens, just visit any of our listed NetEnt casinos to start spinning now for fun or for real money. The galaxy depends on it, after all!