Terminator 2 Arrives at GoWild Casino in June

Terminator 2 Arrives at GoWild Casino in June

Terminator 2 arrives at GoWild Casino in June

We’ve all seen the Hollywood Blockbuster futuristic science-fiction action movie, The Terminator and its sequels, and nobody else could have acted better than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 Cyborg named The Terminator. The movie was a little bit like Back to the Future, another Hollywood Blockbuster movie of the past, in the sense that viewers were taken back and forth in time, from the present back to the past or forward into the future. Time travelling has always been an intriguing scientific yet-unproven mystery and this concept has indeed proven to be a big success for movie makers and producers.

Microgaming’s new action slot game Terminator 2

Terminator 2

Following in the shoes of hugely successful IronmanSpiderman and other Marvel Super-heroes video slot games from Playtech software, Microgaming software too has come up with their own action-hero video slot game that promises to be just as mind-blowing and successful as the best – Terminator 2. Final preparations are now being made for its launching in June 2014 and we are all anxiously waiting for its inaugural appearance.

Features of the game

Terminator 2 is based and themed on Hollywood’s Blockbuster movie of the same name, and incorporates all the main characters from the movie as the game’s iconic symbols. The T-800 Terminator cyborg is the main character, as expected, and players even get to be The Terminator in one of the game’s special features offering. That should certainly bring in lots of exciting fun! Moreover, all winning streaks and bonus rounds play are accompanied by iconic footages from the movie and the stunning visuals are bound to astound, excite and exhilarate all players! Dang…our hearts are pounding like mad already!

Cyborg with a heart

No other details on the new game was made available to us, but by the current standards of new games released so far, Terminator 2 should yet be another astounding and astonishing video slot game to take players breath away. For those who have seen the Terminator movies, they would know that this T-800 is one very special cyborg who has a heart, unlike all the other metal-cold cyborgs! Let’s hope this hearty compassion shall be passed down to players in terms of free spins, bonus rounds and in the other special features too, and especially in the wins! We can only wait for now…the real thing is coming from just around the corner…but it sure is one l-o-o-o-ng corner!

Arriving at GoWild Casino

In all the excitement, we have not mentioned where Terminator 2 will be making its inaugural appearance! But as the news headline above go, the where is not a mystery, perhaps only to new players.

GoWild Casino is the place. It’s a Microgaming software powered casino, has over 500 games to choose from and play, available in the download, flash (instant play) and mobile versions, and has an incredible 26 languages interface to suit just about any player from anywhere on this planet! How’s that for choice! It’s certainly da casino to play at!

Whilst waiting for Terminator 2 to walk around that long corner, new players can browse around GoWild Casino, take a look at all the fantastic bonuses and promotions being offered, and even do some warming up first with a few games in the meantime. Just click on our link here and be taken to where you wanna go and play…­GoW­ild­…and enjoy!

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