Microgaming will launch So Much More on 3rd September

Microgaming will launch So Much More on 3rd September

Last week we posted about Microgaming’s upcoming multi-slot, So Much More. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve got even more details about this unique game. Get the scoop below, and then mark your calendar for 3rd September when So Much More will debut at your favorite Microg­ami­ng/­Mic­rog­aming Quickfire casino.

Get “More” slot action from So Much More

So Much More will be the first ever Microgaming slot with three games in one. When you first load it, you’ll get your pick of which theme you’d like to play with: So Much Candy, So Many Monsters, or So Much Sushi. Each game has the same basic structure and bonus feature but with different characters and graphics. Customise your playing experience the way you want it!

So Much More

A look at the base game

So Much More is designed so that you can play it without any special instructions. It will use a familiar five-reel, 25-payline layout. So Much Candy, So Many Monsters, and So Much Sushi will each have their own unique set of symbols that will randomly scroll down the reels on every spin. Just match them up from the leftmost reel to the right to win.

Special splitting symbols

All of the games in So Much More have a unique Split Symbol feature. This means that higher-paying symbols can split on a single space. If this happens, you’ll get multiple payline hits for just a single line. Get really lucky and you could turn just one five-of-a-kind into a 25-symbol hit!

Free spins galore

The main feature in So Much More is free spins. Each game has its own scatter symbol; you just need to get 3 or more on a single spin to activate the bonus. Once triggered, you can choose from 5 different free spin amounts to fit your personal playing style.

Choose your theme!

So Much More will be the first Microgaming slot to feature three different themes in one game. In “So Many Monsters”, you can play with a bunch of cuddly creatures who just want to have a little fun. “So Much Candy” should satisfy your sweet tooth with symbols like rock candy and fruit sweets, while “So Much Sushi” will be as delicious as Japan’s best cuisine.

Coming 3rd September

So Much More will be at your favourite Microgaming or Microgaming Quickfire casino on the 3rd of September. Make sure you give it a try and let us know what you think down below in the comments! You can also discuss how well the game plays for you with other members of the AskGamblers community over on the forum.