CasinoEuro Unleashes Monster Smash, an Exclusive Video Slot

CasinoEuro Unleashes Monster Smash, an Exclusive Video Slot

Halloween might not be coming anytime soon, but CasinoEuro is unleashing some feisty little monsters in a brand new exclusive video slot from Play N’ GoMonster Smash! With strange critters like a blue one-eyed octopus and a bizarre green fly with boxing gloves, CasinoEuro’s Monster Smash is one of the quirkiest titles we’ve seen all year. Give it a try today to see if you can win big with three unique bonus features, including progressive jackpots!

Meet the Fruit-Smashing Crew

Monster Smash

The bizarre creatures in Monster Smash aren’t concerned with hiding under beds or terrorizing townspeople: they just want to smash some fruits! As you spin this five-reel, five-line video slot, you’ll see both the monsters and all the fruits they’ve bruised cascade down the reels. All you have to do is match them along any of the five paylines from left-to-right to win.

Of course, with a name like Monster Smash, you can bet that there’s more to this game than just watching the reels tumble.

Bonus #1: Grow Your Own Bonuses

Monster Smash is one of the few games where you can actually watch a bonus grow over time before it finally hits. There’s two bonus meters on the top-left of the screen: one for fruits and one for monsters. Every line hit you get on a fruit combination will go to the Tropical Bonus, and every winning monster combination will contribute to the Monster Bonus.

In order to cash these bonus amounts out, you’ll need to break them open with some scattered Baseball Bats! Get three of them on reels 1, 2, and 3 to win the accumulated Tropical Bonus, or reels 3, 4, and 5 for the Monster Bonus. If you get Baseball Bats on all 5 reels, you’ll win both!

Bonus #2: Smash ‘em Bonus

This bonus is why Monster Smash has earned its name. Trigger it by getting the “Here”, “We”, and “Go” symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5, respectively. Once triggered, you’ll be given 5 free games where the Monsters will actually smash the Fruits or Monsters next to them, giving you plenty of extra cash on every spin.

You’ll also meet a new fuzzy yellow monster named Altomi. Whenever he appears, you’ll be given more smashing free spins. Get lucky and you could get up to 100 valuable free games before the Smash ‘em Bonus ends.

Bonus #3: The Jackpot Wheels

As you spin, you’ll notice that some symbols are occasionally surrounded by golden rings. These rings are your ticket to winning the jackpots shown at the top of the reels. Get 3 on a spin to get the Bronze Wheel, 4 for the Silver Wheel, and 5 for the incredible Dream Chance Wheel. Then spin and see what you win. If the monsters really like you, you might just win one of the big progressive jackpots!

Do the Monster Smash at CasinoEuro

CasinoEuro is the only place you’ll find Monster Smash. With bonuses that grow as you play, real smashing free spins, and three progressive jackpots, this hot new game is worth checking out. Head over to CasinoEuro today and see if these strange creatures will be kind to you!

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