A Jackpot Waiting to Happen on Funky Fruits at SlotsHeaven Casino

A Jackpot Waiting to Happen on Funky Fruits at SlotsHeaven Casino

Currently Slots Heaven slot Funky Fruits has a whopping progressive jackpot of $2.2 million - and it just keeps going up and up and up! Now that is what we call a Funky Jackpot.

All we can tell you is - IT HAS TO GO! Someone has to win this jackpot and who better to win it than YOU! So, what are you waiting for - go and play it right now.

If you do not like cherries, then now is the time to start liking them because all you need to do to win this incredible jackpot is land 8 of these delicious red cherries next to each other on your screen.

The Slots Heaven team will even give you a juicy welcome bonus when you make your first deposit.

In fact, you can sign up right here. And if you do scoop the $2.2m all we ask is that you come back to Ask Gamblers and tell us all about it!

Funky Fruits - More Information.

Funky Fruits


Have you got a sweet tooth well do not worry because we are even going to give you all the information we can about this Funky Fruits slot to help you on your winning way!

Funky Fruits is a progressive jackpot slot where being bombarded with fruit is not such a bad thing after all. This progressive slot can and will multiply a players winnings by a jaw-dropping 5,000 times your bet!

The slot could be described as a chain reactor game. Basically what this means is every time a player gets a winning combination, the winning symbols will explode right before your very eyes. Symbols which are directly underneath the winning combination go downwards and are then combined with the other symbols within a players view. If this subsequently causes yet another winning combination, this will also be added to the players total winnings and so forth.

This Funky Fruits slot is actually full of surprises. As mentioned it features that all important progressive jackpot. The maximum number of fruits in your view at any one time is 25. All you need to do to bag that jackpot and go laughing all the way to your bank is to land between 8-25 of these cherries next to each other during your spin!

If you want to achieve the maximum base game win of 5,000 times your bet then all you need is 16 lemon symbols to appear next to each other during your spin.

You need to be quick off the mark to win this progressive jackpot because the only thing we can guarantee you is that someone will win this. We do not know when but it is only a matter of time that's for sure. And do not be dis-heartened if you do not scoop that jackpot because as well as a great slot experience you will be getting your daily dosage of five fruit and veg a day. You know what they say - 5 a day keeps the doctor away!

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