7Red Casino Launch Their New BetSoft Slot - Crazy Jackpot 60,000

7Red Casino Launch Their New BetSoft Slot - Crazy Jackpot 60,000

7 Red Casino is well known for its 3D video slots powered by the popular Betsoft platform and also have a new addition to their platforms in the form of Net Entertainment. The casino offers value for money and provides a range of table games, video slots, poker, blackjack and roulette games.

They are now pleased to announce their brand new slot addition called Crazy Jackpot 60,000 by Betsoft. At 7 Red Casino you can now play this slot with no software download required. If you are a slot lover, then this slot may just be the one for you. If you currently feel like you spend too much time between wins, when all you really want to hear are the wins jingling in your ears the Crazy Jackpot 60,000 may perfectly fit into your slots lifestyle.

Crazy Jackpot 60,000 (Betsoft)

Crazy Jackpot 60000

The words best used to describe Crazy Jackpot 60,000 are Fun, Engaging and Simple. The slot has been specifically designed for all you slot fans who don't have the patience for all the special effects and cartoon animations, this slot is about plain and simple winning! Slot machining at its very best.

The slot has been cleanly designed, is authentic and classic. You can easily become absorbed in the hypnotic effect of the synchronized light bulbs, the glint of light reflecting off the metallic blue reels and the more than tasteful black and gold panel.

Crazy Jackpot 60,000 is a slot consisting of two sets of reels. The first set of reels is a 3 line display, 3 reel fruit machine but acutally functions as a 27 line slot because a winning combination is hit when any symbol appears in any position on all three reels. Spins have a fixed price of 25 credits per spins. Wins are compounded - this means if a winning symbol appears twice on a reel, each occurrence combines with the same symbol on the other reels to double your win or even triple it when three or more winning symbols appear on a reel. For each symbol that is the same, payouts will range from 2 to 40 credits. Even though the payouts may sound low, they are very frequent, so there will always be something exciting happening on your reels and due to the 27 different win combos, multiple wins are a possibility.

You also have the help of the Wildcard Joker to increase your frequency of wins. If you are lucky enough to get a joker on all three reels you can get an added bonus payout of 100 credits!

The Crazy Jackpot

When you land a win, and that is any win on a regular spin, which really does not take long, the crazy reels bulbs light up. What you must focus on now is the two previous quiet reels on your right - because these now come alive and could boost your current win by up to 50 times. All you need to do is spin the very first reel to try and win a bonus multiplier for your win up to a maximum of x5. Don't worry if you don't manage to land a multiplier because you still get to keep your original win as it is. If you are lucky enough to land a multiplier you will immediately get your win increased AND the second Crazy Jackpot reel will automatically set in motion. This increases your chances of extra multipliers up to a maximum x10. Whatever happens once you reach this stage you will always get to keep your original win.

Crazy Jackpot 60,000 is a glorious fruit machine and it retains that classic feel of traditional slots. It's not only exciting and fun to play but it also keeps those all important wins coming in fast and plentiful!

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