Why You Should Give No Zero Roulette a Shot Right Now

Why You Should Give No Zero Roulette a Shot Right Now

The fact is: No Zero roulette cannot be found so easily online. However, BetVoyager Casino pride themselves on being one of the rare online casinos that offer this specific type of roulette to players. And not only that; No Zero BetVoyager happens to be their number one game, chosen and loved by thousands of roulette aficionados. That said, why don’t we take a quick glance at what makes No Zero roulette so special?

Different Types of Roulette vs. House Edge

First let’s talk numbers. More precisely, let’s talk numbers connected to two of the most popular versions of roulette games—European and American roulette as opposed to No Zero roulette.

No Zero roulette has no house edge at all

In European roulette, which has one zero, the casino has a house edge of 2.7%. American roulette, which evolved to contain two zeroes, comes with a house edge of 5.4%. No Zero roulette, on the other hand, gets rid of the house edge entirely, as the game becomes 50/50 no matter which betting system is used or how long the session lasts. Therefore, as there is no house edge in No Zero roulette, there’s a 10% fee charged on a player’s final won sum.

What Is More Profitable for You as a Player?

Depends on the length of a game. With short games, that is to say games that last less than 75 spins, a regular type of roulette would seem more advantageous since you don’t have to pay any fees on your winnings. Still, as it’s easier to guess a number from a smaller selection, the likelihood of losing in normal roulette games is higher.

It should be mentioned that a zero is also very likely to occur even during short games. For players who bet on equal odds or dozens this can be seen as unfavourable since one or double zeros take the bets.

Then again, with games lasting longer than 75 spins, if you take into account the 10% house fee, the final house edge is tantamount to 0.34% with a tendency to zero as opposed to the unchanging European roulette’s 2.7% and American roulette’s 5.4%.

In the Words of a Player

As a fellow player once said: “When you start any equal odds game, you start a game not with the casino, but with yourself, as your own and casino’s chances are exactly equal. The results will depend purely on your skill, intuition, wisdom and absence of greed.”

Try BetVoyager’s No Zero Roulette

Ultimately, it is up to you which type of roulette you’ll go for. But, if you feel like giving No Zero roulette a shot, which doesn’t come with a house edge, make sure you head over to BetVoyager Casino immediately and… good luck!

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