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Watch the SlotsFighter Tournament Finals Live on Twitch

Watch the SlotsFighter Season 2 Finals: Chloe vs Casino Rockstar!

SlotsFighter fans, are you ready? The great spectacle is about to begin as we approach the SlotsFighter Season 2 Finals where two of the best players will demonstrate courage, nerves of steel and skills to win the grand prize – €5,000! If the first season of the world’s most exciting tournament in online slots brought you all you ever dreamed of then the second one will skyrocket you straight into the heart of gaming orbit! Watch the final battle live on Twitch!

Don’t Miss the SlotsFighter Season 2 Finals

As a unique gaming duel show featuring slots and other casino games, SlotsFighter succeeded where others have failed before. This one-of-a-kind gaming spectacle has managed to gather some of the best online slots players around the globe presenting you gambling from a totally different perspe­cti­ve. ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

As you may guess, renowned online casinos have expressed their interest to support this glorious gaming show, and the honour to be the host of the second edition of the SlotsFighter went to Mr Green Casino.

Check out the SlotsFighter Season 2 final duel between Chloe and Casino Rockstar live on Twitch!

As for the tourney, the place where you need to be is SlotsFighter Twitch channel. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to watch the finals and witness the epic battle between two players who overcame their opponents on the way to the final stage! The first two final matches will take place on Monday, the 9th of July and Tuesday, the 10th of July, on 20:15 CET.

Just to remind you, the semifinals were played in a best-of-3 play format and according to the results the best two players reached the final phase of the show. CasinoRockstar became the first finalist as he managed to defeat Mr Exodius. In the other semifinal duel, Chloe was better than Dubbel6. Both semifinal matches ended 2:0.

The Battle for the €7777 Prize Pool Continues

The final match is close, and you can almost taste the adrenaline. Who will have what it takes to become the champion? A quick look at the leaderboard says that Casino Rockstar could have a small psychological advantage mainly for the fact that he was the group stage leader. But will he hold the pressure when all stakes are in?

There are two SlotsFighter finalists, each with equal chances of winning the crown and €5K!

On the other side of the battlefield theirs is Chloe, also waiting for her chance. She ended forth after the group rounds and scored a great victory in the semifinal match against Dubbel6. Will she continue the winning streak? Drop by tournament page to see the entire history of results and previously played matches.

The SlotsFighter Season 2 Champion is Coming  

At the end, it all comes down to the finals. One last step. As the famous line from the Highlander movie series says - “There can be only one”. Only instead of swords, players will use wilds and scatters. And unlike the semifinal rounds, the finals are played in a best-of-5 matches format.

The SlotsFighter Season 2 final match will be played in a best-of-5 format.

Join the show live on Twitch when the faithful winner will be decided and don’t miss the peak of the incredible game spectacle. Visit to see the highlights from each of the battles and to get yourself prizes just for watching and predicting the winner.   

For additional info about the SlotsFighter tournament, go straight to our forum where you’ll find everything you’d like to know about the event. Have fun!

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