VideoSlots Casino Are the Official Headline Sponsor of the iGaming Idol Award

VideoSlots Casino Are the Official Headline Sponsor of the iGaming Idol Award

As you may already know, the first of its kind, the iGaming Idol awards campaign has recently been launched. Right away, the organizers announced that the headline sponsor of the event will be VideoSlots Casino. The award is open both to male and female nominees in every sector in the iGaming industry.

The iGaming Idol Award

In the form of a Gala Dinner, the prestigious iGaming idol award will take place at the Malta iGaming Seminar (MiGS) in November 2016. The main purpose of the occasion is to recognize the outstanding employees within the iGaming industry.

The integrity-based iGaming Idol was founded with 3 ethical pillars in mind:

  • Recognition of the employee
  • Charity for those in need
  • Entertainment

VideoSlots Casino Qualify to Be the Sponsor

Although a pioneer in the iGaming industry, VideoSlots Casino has managed to became one of the leading online casinos with an exceptional customer service and technical excellence. Apart from secured SSL encryption, VideoSlots Casino offer more than 1000 different casino games to their customers. What distinguishes them from their competition is their vision to create a unique entertainment destination to the hearts and minds of their customers.

Alexander Stevendahl, CEO of VideoSlots, said everyone at their company got very excited when reading about the concept of the iGaming Idol. “Finally, an award that will recognize the true talents behind the iGaming industry's success. We didn't need to think twice, we had to be the main sponsor of this amazing award!" ‘- he explai­ned.   

The Award Ceremony and Criteria

You are probably as impatient as we are to find out who the finalists will be. Well, in order to find out, we all need to wait until the 8th of November when the MiGS will take place. Namely, 3 finalists will be announced at Gala dinner, which will be held in Hilton Hotel in St. Julian's, Malta.

At this point, we may not know who the nominees will be, but what we do know for a fact is that they will be ranked according to these 10 categories:

  • Marketing
  • Tech
  • Finance
  • Compliance and regulated markets
  • HR
  • Design
  • Data and Business Intelligence
  • Fraud and Risk
  • Live Casino
  • Customer care

As you can see, these categories mostly cover the majority of the gaming operations. Employers or employees will have the opportunity to nominate any of their colleagues whom they consider to be outstanding individuals within their company. Once the expert panel of judges makes their decision upon the criteria, 3 finalists from each category will arrive at the final short list and will be invited to the ceremony.

The Industry impact

This one-of-a-kind type of award which is “em­plo­yee­-ce­ntr­ic” may bring a new era of organizational integrity in the iGaming industry and corporate culture.

In the words of Michael Pedersen, a co-founder of iGaming idol: "There is a gap in the industry to offer a well-organised awards event which is transparent and really recognizes the individual for their knowledge and expertise within their realm”. Mr Pedersen feels that this event is very important for the Gaming community, as well as the great opportunity to donate some of the proceeds to a charity of choice which will be the Malta Community Chest Fund.

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