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SiGMA Digital Summit (Asia) Begins Today

SiGMA Digital Summit (Asia) Starts Today and Will Cater for Both iGaming and Tech Audiences

As the SiGMA Manila expo scheduled for this June had to be postponed to May 2021, the organisers decided to use this very opportunity and host two virtual conferences: SiGMA Asia Focus and SiGMA Deep Tech. Both virtual conferences will take place this week, scheduled to last from 8 June to 10 June 2020. That said, we interviewed Hamza Afifi who revealed details on the SiGMA Digital Summit (Asia).

It's Time for SiGMA's 3-day Digital Conference

Due to the global health crises, SiGMA Manila expo had to be postponed for May 2021, which is why the organisers were fast to plan and launch SiGMA Asia and SiGMA Deep Tech, taking place June 8-June 10th. 

As Hamza Afifi said earlier in our interview, although readjusting their perspective and concentrating on survival has been a bit tough and challenging, the organisers are thankful that this experience has taught them to be adaptable, which will turn out to be an essential skill in the upcoming months.

By looking at the opportunities the market has to offer, the organisers decided to offer free high-quality content, accessible to everyone and delivered by leaders in this industry.

SiGMA Digital Summit (Asia) will provide high quality content (free of charge), accessible to everyone and delivered by leaders in this industry. 

In particular, more than 80 speakers will be discussing all the relevant topics – from business expertise on the effect of COVID-19 on the industry to emerging market trends – by also taking a 360 degree look at how their main markets, both Europe and Asia, will adapt and prosper.

SiGMA-Ice Asia Focus

SiGMA-Ice Asia Focus has been created to cover different gaming verticals, while at the same time it’s aiming to bring Asia and the West closer together. Moreover, there’s an inspiring agenda with a line-up of speakers made up of final decision makers, split across 3 days, focusing on the following topics: 

  • 08/06 Land based
  • 09/06 Online gaming
  • 10/06 Emerging tech

The conferences will be held from 10:00 – 14:00 CET.

SiGMA Deep Tech 

By Techies. For Techies. SiGMA Deep Tech focuses on expert tech leaders, CTOs and developers in a purely tech-focused agenda with topics such as with AI, Big Data, UI, open-source vs licensed tech. So much more will be addressed during the talks, on all 3 days, from 2.30PM - 4.30PM CET, as follows:

  • 08/06 Big Data
  • 09/06 Tech Stack
  • 10/06 User Interface

 The organisers will provide fresh content, to help people in the industry navigate through these challenging times. 

Now, let's get ready to enjoy the show!

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