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Time to learn the secrets hidden in Push Gaming's new slot.

Reveal the Secret Society Mystery in the Shadow Order Slot

Push Gaming has just released a new slot which is brimming with surprises. They are inviting anyone who is daring to try and crack the code to enter the innermost circles of their secret society. If you feel intrigued and would like to give it a shot at unveiling the mysteries behind this ancient organization, you will need to visit your favorite Push Gaming Casino and spin the reels on their latest Shadow Order slot.

Enter the Society

The notion of secret societies has been around for ages, but we don’t believe we’ve ever run into an online slot which revolves around all the secrets that such a society hides, which is why we’re enthusiastic that this slot is going to make it big. However, let’s go over bits and parts and see what the Shadow Order has to offer to players.

If you are the type of player who likes a good mystery then this is the game for you because the moment you load the game you will get drawn into it because there is a lot going on in there. Admittedly, the slot seriously lacks some short intro that would give us some backdrop of the story behind it, and would surely make this game even better.

Overall, when it comes to design, this is certainly a nice looking game. It is pretty noticeable that the Push Gaming designers paid a great attention to detail both visually and audio-wise. Beside the sharp graphics and beautifully designed symbols and reels, the game has a soundtrack which can be described best as the mix of suspense and mystery which is completely fitting for a game like the Shadow Order.

The Secrets Revealed

Much like any other secret society this too has a mansion that hides all the secrets. The thing we specifically liked here is that the veil of secrets in this game is hidden behind symbols such as chess pieces, cryptex, illuminati books and rings, wax seals, all-seeing eye and much more.

However, the design is not that this slot hides. The game is filled with different features that will keep you entertained for quite some time. Do your best to try and reveal the hidden secrets across 5x5 grid with cascading symbols.

The game has 3 different hotspot zones spread all over the grid and are differentiated thanks to the color of the hotspot orb. Each of them will trigger a separate feature and consequently give you the chance of winning extra Wilds that will be added to the grid, removal of all low value paying symbols from the grid, or high value symbols locked in place while cascading continues. Let’s not forget to mention the Free Spins feature as well.

Additionally, the Shadow Order has 4 different characters available and each of them comes with a different set of skills. 

  • Molly the Messenger will enable orbs to fall onto the grid faster than usual. 
  • Billy the Gambler will convert low value symbols into high value ones. 
  • Archie the Spy will award a Wild for each column on the grid. 
  • Amarillo the Magister will let the cascade rolling with only high paying symbols active.

Taking everything into the consideration, the good and the bad, we think that Push Gaming did a great job here and that this game will turn out to be a success eventually. You know what to do, the Shadow Order is waiting for their newest novitiate.

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