Realistic Games Launches High-Quality Mobile Keno

Realistic Games Launches High-Quality Mobile Keno

Realistic Games, a leading UK-based mobile platform, has launched Keno for smartphones and tablets. This brand new mobile Keno game features plenty of betting options, quality graphics, and even a magnifier to make it easier to see the numbers. If you love keno, whip out your smartphone or tablet and give this one-of-a-kind keno game a try at any of the Realistic Games casinos in our listings.

Getting Started with Mobile Keno

Realistic Games’ Keno is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and most Android smartphones and tablets. Just choose from any of the great Realistic Games casinos in our index to get started. Once you’re logged in, just locate Keno from within the casino lobby and begin playing for fun or for real money.

Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Once you’ve got Keno loaded, you just need to decide which numbers you want to bet on! Simply tap the ones that you think will be drawn. The payouts will automatically adjust on the right side of the game based on how many numbers you have selected, anywhere from 1 to 15. Bet on enough numbers, draw them, and you could win tens of thousands!

After you start a game, 20 numbers will be randomly selected out of 80, one-by-one. Drawn numbers that match those you have selected will turn yellow so you can keep track of how well you’re doing within the game. Once all 20 balls are drawn, you’ll instantly win the payout for however many numbers you correctly guessed.

Touch-Friendly Magnification

Because there’s 80 numbers that have to fit on the screen, you may find the magnifier feature useful. This allows you to zoom in on specific sections of the betting grid to ensure that you don’t accidentally touch other numbers.

Quick Pick, Turbo, and Auto Play

Can’t decide on numbers, or just want to get in on the fun right away? Just use the random selection feature to quickly pick a particular amount of numbers and start playing immediately.

Want to speed up the game? Tap the “Turbo” button on the bottom-left to make the numbers come out even faster.

You can also keep playing without having to manually begin the game after each round. Simply use the Auto Play feature, set the number of games you’d like to play, and start! This way, you can keep playing even while you’re busy doing something else.

More to Come from Realistic Games

Realistic Games is doing an excellent job of expanding the mobile gaming market to more than just slots, and we think their version of mobile keno has really set the bar in terms of graphical quality and user friendliness. Expect to see even more additions soon, such as more slots, more pull tabs, and even desktop versions of their most popular games.