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Playtech Migrate Their Live Casino Rooms

Playtech Migrate to a Brand-New Live Casino Site

Playtech have just completed their largest ever Live Casino customer migration with their brand-new 8,500 square metre studio. The suppliers have received phenomenal license feedback and the only way is up for the company. 

Playtech Moves its Live Casino Rooms

September marks a huge milestone for Playtech as they complete their largest ever migration of their dedicated Live Casino rooms. This huge migration has taken place to its next-generation studio in Riga, Latvia. 

It’s been the largest ever live casino migration.

The move actually began back in mid-2016 with the acquisition of a prime 8,500 square metre capacity site. The site in question was built on the city’s fortified 16th-century walls in the heart of Riga Old Town and the site dwarfs any existing Live Casino that are in the entire market today. Quite impressive to say the least. 

Hard Work Pays Off

Converting the site was never going to be an easy task and intensive work started for the state-of-the-art, next-generation Live Casino studio. The task was magnetised even greater as the core studio had to simultaneously maintain its existing online casinos whilst the new site was still being developed. 

A meticulous plan and a phased approach meant the new site could be developed, built and gradually opened. 

The Site Goes Live

After lots of hard work and dedication the first live room opened in the early months of 2017 with Sky Casino migrating its operation to the new site. They then switched on their re-developed offering in April. 

Over the following 12 weeks the remaining licensees with dedicated offerings also migrated and became fully operational. These included Bet365 Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, Paddy Power Casino, and Betfair Casino

They’ve all been redeveloped and redesigned in line with each licensees’ specific requirements. They’ve also ensured their operations are future proofed in order to offer the worlds most advanced and ultimate Live Casino experience. 

One Very Happy Team

The migration has gone down a storm as the live rooms have witnessed a significant increase in players who have been able to adapt to the new experience. New licensees have also given positive feedback on how pleased and excited they are with each new offering and the exciting potential for even further growth. 

Simon Akad, the COO at Playtech said “Playtech demonstrates its absolute commitment to delivering the best Live Casino experience and this project is a significant testimony to it. From making one of our largest ever investments and redeveloping this site into the world’s largest Live Casino studio, to completing the largest Live customer migration ever seen, it’s been an exhilarating, non-stop journey and there is much more to come.

“Licensees and potential new operators visiting the new and innovative studio have been blown away at the operation we have here now. They have been so excited to see the huge progress we’ve made in creating unique dedicated experiences and word is spreading fast to other operators in the market.”

He also added “Getting to this stage so quickly and without any issues is due to the enormous dedication of the team. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project for achieving what is, without a doubt, the world’s most cutting-edge, best-performing, next-generation Live studio,” 

First Future Approach

The technology on the new site is simply mind-blowing and unmatched with hundreds of state-of-the-art cameras which now caters for more custom-made tables and gaming areas than ever before. They’ve introduced more advanced control and monitoring centres and a large-scale dealer campus is used to train and develop all of Playtech’s live staff.

Finally, every inch of this impressive operation has been conceptualised, designed and developed with the future in mind. It’s completely remoulded to accommodate the latest software and hardware presenting you with the ultimate, never-before-seen live casino experience and you do not want to miss it. Just head to your favourite Playte­ch C­asinos and see for yourself. 

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