Playtech Joins the Gambling Business Group

Playtech Joins the Gambling Business Group

Playtech, one of the leading online gaming developers and software providers, have recently joined the Gambling Business Group, a trade organisation which was set up in July to represent the interests of the UK gaming community.

The focus of GBG is to improve business environment for the gambling operators, help improve the governments’ view on gambling liberalization and protect its members in the gambling industry.

Playtech have teamed up with them to support and advise Gambling Business Group issues and industry based on its knowledge and experience. This partnership will benefit to their work.

Hopefully, Playtech is just the first in many organisations that will join GBG.

GBG is thrilled to have Playtech

According to Peter Hannibal, the CEO of Gambling Business Group, Playtech’s decision to join the organisation is the best confirmation about the importance of everything GBG is working on and a huge support for their operations.

Hannibal stated “Playtech, which has interests including online operators upgrading or diversifying their offering, land-based casino groups, government sponsored entities such as lotteries, new entrants making their online gaming debut and the global VLT market, is a case in point. Our ability to engage with government and regulators on behalf of gaming per se as opposed to just one facet of gaming is an important and unique distinction and one the industry is increasingly receptive to.”

More on GBG

Companies from the gaming industry can subscribe to become a member of Gambling Business Group. The membership rates depend on the annual turnover of a company that is applying to be a part of them. At the moment GBG have over 50 members which include all types of companies and organizations from the gambling industry.

The main reason for founding an organisation like this is the fact that several European countries started implementing new gambling laws which make it much harder for international operators to keep their part of the market.

Therefore, it is up to organisations such as GBG to protect the rights of international gambling operators, help them keep their market share and lobby with the EU officials to do all that is in their power to affect laws that might jeopardize the liberalization of gambling market in Europe.

Hannibal pointed out that the unique strength of GBG is their ability to talk about all machine types, high stake and low stake gaming and across all sectors. GBG has already held some extremely useful and productive meetings with the Gambling Commission and are committed to contributing to a more open and progressive dialogue with their regulators.