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Playtech Introduces Featurespace's Machine Learning Fraud Detection Tools

Playtech Introduces Featurespace's Machine Learning Fraud Detection Tools

Since the early days of gaming, gamblers have been trying to outsmart the system. The invention of Internet and new technologies has opened the online world to gamblers, thus moving the epicenter of the battle against frauds from the offline space to the online territory. This is the reason why world’s best online slots developers pay serious attention to introducing machine learning fraud detection tools into their management systems. The most recent example of such strategy is coming from Playtech, which agrees partnership with Featurespace and opens their doors to a safer and more secure gaming experi­enc­e.        

Playtech Took Steps to Prevent Frauds

As mentioned, preventing collusive play and bonus abuse are some of the reasons why online gaming companies use fraud detection tools. Playtech, one of the world’s leading software suppliers, has therefore decided to start a partnership with Featurespace by integrating advanced technology solutions into their player management system.

Together with this powerful tool, Playtech’s outstanding Information Management System (IMS) will allow even better level of protection to their players and business partners. All Playtech licensees will be able to face future fraud-related challenges with a better outcome and enjoy the benefits from the latest integration project with Featurespace.

Meet Featurespace’s Machine Learning Platform

Playing games in online casinos should always be straightforward and fair. The game changes when either of the sides tries to use methods which can’t be considered legal and allowed. Fortunately, companies like Featurespace invest lots of efforts and time to create innovative solutions that can help their customers to detect any unusual activity among players.

Featurespace’s real-time machine learning ARIC platform detects anomalies in individual player behaviour.

Multiple accounts, credit and deposit frauds, professional money laundering and other illegal gaming acts fall under the main reasons why Featurespace’s adaptive machine learning platform is used for identifying and preventing fraudulent attacks. To get the most out of ARIC, licensees will be required to leave historical data to Featurespace before the real-time process begins.

Playtech and Featurespace Representatives

Following the agreement, Shimon Akad, COO of Playtech, said: “Playtech is committed to promoting safe play and empowering licensees and players with advanced customer engagement and protection.

We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech’s IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols. I’m therefore delighted that our partnership and integration with Featurespace technology will enable us to further increase the quality and effectiveness of our offering.”

Martina King, CEO of Featurespace, said: “Our strategic partnership with Playtech enables us to deliver enhanced protection to their customers through our real-time, machine learning technology and will allow Playtech’s licensees to better manage risk.

We are proud to be working together to provide our machine learning ARIC platform to protect and serve Playtech’s customers.”

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