Playing Arts Cards are the Perfect Gift for a Gambler

Playing Arts Cards are the Perfect Gift for a Gambler

If you are looking for a gift for a gambler or you are passionate poker player yourself, we have just the perfect present for you – Playing Arts Cards. “When you’re playing poker, it’s the cards that matter” and we have found an extraordinary pack that is a must have. Creative, conceptual and communicative art has found its way on to the most beautiful deck of cards that you have ever seen.

What is Playing Arts actually?

'Playing Arts' is a new project put together by online magazine Digital Abstracts, where 54 artists from around the world each designed a new card for a deck of poker cards. From the two of clubs to the ace of spades, each card in this deck stands out with its distinct style and technique representing the talented artist that created it. 

Each artist gave its personal touch making it possible for a simple deck of cards to become a spectacular display of talent and quality authentic collection of exquisite art pieces.  

More on the artists

The 54 designers, who have participated in this exciting project, are well-known in the world art scene. The uniqueness of the deck is that each of these artists got carried away by their imagination in their attempt to create an original work of art, and give their card a personal stamp. 

Just to name a few, the Viennese Peter Olschinsky loses itself in the four of diamonds creating a beautiful abstract piece, Javier Medellin Puyou shaped perky Roller Girls skating on six of hearts, Gary Fernández plays on the eight of spades with monkeys, while Andreas Prais portrays an owl on Ace of clubs, and the vintage elegance of Fabian Ciraolo can be found in five of diamonds.

playing arts cards

Sara Blake, the designer behind the king of hearts, explained: “When you’re a freelance illustrator, collaboration and group projects are so key to staying inspired and driven. They give you the support of a group of friends in the same field, and expose you to different styles and ways of working. It’s especially nice to then have a physical object to show for it too – really nice cards to hold in your hand.”

Losing in a poker hand will not be so dramatic if spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds bear the stamp of these great authors. So make sure you get this extraordinary deck of cards and make your poker games even more exciting.