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BGaming released a new Mechanical Orange slot

Peel Open BGaming’s New Mechanical Orange Slot

BGaming is a fairly young software provider yet an innovative developer which has just launched their Mechanical Orange slot. It’s a completely new and unique way a classic slot works. This cross-platform marvel is a pure genius, and if you want to take a slice of this orange, stick with us till we peel it off down to the tiniest details and then head over to your favorite BGaming Casino to take it for a test spin.

Miracle under the Peel

Mechanical Orange has a beautiful story behind it which tells the tale about the city of Copperville that was decaying due to steam engines, smog and rust. One day, a professor and his daughter created a unique device that will help save the city of Copperville.

Sunny, vibrant and full of breathtaking views!

Thanks to the two of them, the gloomy city of Copperville has now become the blossoming Orangeville with happier residents and a lot of magic. You too will get a chance to feel the magic behind the reels if you decide to give the Mechanical Orange slot a chance.

Taste the Juice!

Spinning the reels on this slot will give you a taste of unusual orange filled with distinctive feature which you don’t get too see often, if ever. Namely, the reels on this game spin from left to right and it has only 1 winning line.

What we’re sure you will love is the design which is basically inspired the Victorian era with a lot of Steampunk elements including cogwheels, and pipes that power the Mechanical Orange device.

The gameplay is straightforward, clear and simple, and despite the fact it has only 3 reels and 1 payline, it can still get pretty interesting. Of course, as you would expect to see in a slot with this outlay, the red 7s rule the place, and if you get lucky enough you stand to win x1000 total bet.

Overall, BGaming did an outstanding work with this game as it has a solid RTP of 96%, a decent payout potential, superb graphics, intensive animation, amazing sound effects and will surely provide you with a unique and immersive gaming experience suitable to be played both in desktop and mobile casino.

Have a shot at this juicy and strikingly innovative themed slot game which will get you loads of fun, for sure!

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