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Mr Green's Predictive Gaming Tool is Here!

Mr Green Launched Predictive Gaming Tool

In the recent years, the world of online gambling has shown the tendency of increasing implementation of an ongoing number of innovations and brilliant gambling tools. Mr Green Casino, known as one of the most revolutionary online casinos out there, has just made a valuable contribution to the industry by launching its new predictive gaming tool. Sign up at Mr Green Casino now and get a firsthand experience about it! Meanwhile, go on with reading and learn more about this fabulous invention.      

What is Green Gaming tool

Mr Green’s Gaming tool is a unique piece of self-help gambling assistant invented with a single purpose – to give players the ability to gain insight into their own risk behavior. The tool is supposed to keep players from crossing the line between enjoyment and risk zone.     

Mr Green Gaming tool detects when healthy playing starts sliding into a potential problem!

Developed through a cooperation of Mr Green Casino with Sustainable Interaction and Sebastian Gassner, the real value of this predictive tool is reflected in its possibility to predict the players own perception of how they will play based on a self-assessment test through their actual playing behaviour. Players’ personalized insights and analysis is focused on 4 parts: risk, intensity, change and volume

How to Join the Green Gaming

The procedure for joining the Green Gaming predictive tool is easy and straightforward. There are several steps you need to go through starting with reading the privacy policy and information security data. Once you go over this step, the next thing to do is fill in the self-assessment test.   

The self-assessment test has 15 questions and it is recommended on a regular basis for updated status!

Once you get this part done, you will enter the universe of Green Gaming predictive engine. Each part within a four-quarter analysis is based on a wide range of powerful and well-known parameters. Lastly, an individual player dashboard is shown whereby the data from the self-test and predictive engine result in a combined analysis. The analysis is updated on a fortnight basis and the results are presented in an easy to read user interf­ace.  

Team Comments

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO of Mr Green, commented: “Gaming should be fun, entertaining and safe. Green Gaming is all about staying in control, not crossing the line between enjoyment and risky behaviour.

Our Green Gaming tool is designed to help our players keep track of any potential risk with their gaming. But also, to recommend actions based on the player’s individual risk level such as setting a limit or taking a break - or if they are low risk players continue playing as they do now.

Based on the data we have on each player opting in we will also be able to adjust the customer journey and stop sending sales driven communication to players at risk.”

Given the above mentioned, it seems that playing online slots and Free Spins in online casinos with the help of Mr Green’s Gaming tool is about to become an even better experience for both the newbies and regular players. Therefore, sign up at Mr Green Casino and try this useful engine now! The best of luck!

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