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January 2020 was spectacular for everyone in the AskGamblers, see how!

Monthly Spotlight – Winners, the AskGamblers Awards Night, Charity Fundraising, and More!

If every January started in such a spectacular manner like this one, we’d all be happy people! 

January atmosphere in the AskGamblers household has been marked with celebrating AskGamblers Awards winners (then partying deep into the night), raising money for charity organisations fighting childhood cancer, returning $30,018,211 to players and applauding big win stories around. Stick with us to read more.

AskGamblers Awards Night and the Winners’ Names Announcements 

For all of you who’ve been with us for the past few months, you know 17 January 2020 was the AskGamblers Awards Night and the Winners Announcement. Together with partners from around Europe, we celebrated this fantastic occasion with overwhelming joy and gratitude. Things were spectacular in every way possible! If you want to read more about the winners and the #AGAwardsnight, take a look at our AskGamblers Awards Night Recap.

Always Think of Those Less Fortunate

A day before the AskGamblers Awards night, the AskGamblers team organised a Charity on 16 January 2020, dedicated to Serbian organisations fighting childhood cancer. 

The idea behind the Charity was for everyone present to bid and help us collect funds that would go to the organisations. The amount of money raised was jaw-dropping, indeed! And, what did the partners get out of it, except supporting this significant cause? Read our AskGamblers’s Charity Event news to learn more!

Players Got Their Money Back

AskGamblers’ team always works to your advantage, and this time was no different. Thanks to our amazing Casino Complaint Service, we’ve reached $30,018,211 in recovered money to players so far, and we couldn’t be prouder! The players are overwhelmed and happy, too, and it’s all summed up here.

Just to be a bit clearer - the $30k+ is the cumulative AskGamblers lifetime amount, not the amount for January 2020. Hey, we know you knew that, but just to be on the safe side.

Big Wins, Big Excitement

Not every day do you get to win big money, but when you do, congrats are in order!

In January, we’ve celebrated two big win stories and their lucky carriers. Namely, a German veteran cashed $204K at the award-winning King Billy Casino while a iLUCKI Casino punter secured a perfect start to 2020 with a €25K win!

Like every winner’s story, these two as well are unique in the way they’d come about and sure worth of your read! Take a look at the King Billy Casino win story for starters, then go to iLUCKI Casino win piece for some more joy!

AGCCS Stats to Check Out

In January, AGCCS monthly stats gave us some interesting figures –

Out of 982 received complaints, 236 got processed, 36 of which remained unresolved while 55 are still ongoing. We rounded 145 resolved complaints and managed to return $412,060 to players. Presently, there are 761 AGCCS users and 298 affected casinos.

That’s all folks! Well, it is for January. See you next month!

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