Microgaming supports education

Microgaming supports education

Microgaming is making a difference in the lives of students on the Isle of Man. Under a new Education Bursaries initiative, the i-gaming software company will help pay for the education of students who would not otherwise be able to attend university. This new program is just the latest of Microgaming’s efforts to contribute to the well-being of the Isle of Man and stay true to its message of corporate social responsibility.

A life-changing award for talented students

The Microgaming Education Bursaries initiative will be paying for underprivileged Isle of Man students who have a demonstrated drive to improve themselves through higher education. Applicants who make it into the program will receive up to £6,000 per annum to pay for living expenses as they pursue their degree. This grant ensures that students can stay focused on their studies and not have to sacrifice their academic performance to sustain themselves.

The CEO’s perspective

Roger Raatgever, the CEO of Microgaming, feels that this new program will enhance the lives of people throughout the Isle of Man. He told the press, “The youth of the Island are our future - this generation will shape the growth of the Isle of Man. It is essential that we provide them with the tools to reach their potential and that’s why we created this initiative. We are incredibly passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and are proud of the contribution we make to the Island. We are well-known for providing support to local charities, health projects, events and sports clubs; our new education initiative complements the work we already do on the island. We want to see the Isle of Man thrive.”

The application process

Applications for the 2014 Microgaming Education Bursaries will be closing on 20th August. Since the bursaries will be given out through the Department of Education and Children (DEC), applicants must meet the department’s requirements of being in an eligible degree program and are eligible for DEC maintenance grants.

John Gill, the Head of Legal and Administrative Services at the DEC, will be handling the applications, which can be sent to [email protected] at any time before the 20th August deadline.

Mr. Gill encourages students throughout the island to apply and take the opportunity to improve their lives: “This initiative from Microgaming will be life-changing to several local students. With A-level results announced this week, I encourage anyone who believes they meet the bursary criteria to apply now, before it’s too late.”

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