Kerching is to Launch a New Website

Kerching is to Launch a New Website

We have just received some breaking news from Kerching Casino. They are having an early spring cleaning and getting ready to launch an exciting new site. And what’s more they have already updated their mobile site, so now it’s better than ever. Take a minute to read this story and find out more about these great changes that are taking place at Kerching Casino right now.

Kerching Casino is moving

Kerching Casino has decided to launch a new site and they have in mind some great changes that will make for even better gaming experience. The word is the new site will feature over 20 new games and all players will receive a fantastic offer to give them a try.

What’s more, a variety of generous weekly promotions, all managed by the same friendly Kerching team, will still be on offer.

Safe and secure site

You may rest assured the new site will be just as safe and secure as the current one, for it will be regulated and licensed by the government of Gibraltar. For further ease, you’ll also be able to use all the popular payment methods.

Opening new accounts

If you would like to continue playing your favourite casino games at Kerching Casino, you will have to open a new account. This means that Kerching Casino will be completely closing their current site and you’ll need to register on the new site to play. Rest assured that any funds left in your current Kerching account can still be withdrawn after the site closes.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you have any deposit limits set, these will not be transferred to your new account so you will have to reset these once you have re-registered at the brand new Kerching site.

Kerching Casino is really looking forward to the launch that will take place very soon and they are hoping you will love what they have in store for you.

Kerching Mobile site got a makeover

The Kerching Casino website is not the only thing changing. Their mobile site has also undergone some fabulous changes and now it’s better than ever.

They have kept their best bits, so they still have super promos, great classic games like Cleopatra and their generous VIP club. However, in addition to these old bits and pieces, they have also added some new ones such as 20 new slot games, 6 new table games and made it easier for you to deposit and cash out.

Cleopatra Video Slot

Head over to over to Kerching Mobile Casino to check out all the awesome changes, while we are waiting impatiently for the new Kerching Casino website.

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