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Interview with Stephanie Wynters, 138.com Casino Representative

Interview with Stephanie Wynters, 138.com Casino Representative

  • Luciana
  • January 20, 2015 (Modified July 31, 2020)

New interview from me is finally ready! I know you'll enjoy as always­! Ch­arming and beautiful Stephanie Wynters, 138.com Casino ­Rep­res­ent­ative, generously answered to my 14 questi­ons. Di­scover what's cracking up on their website, plans, news and many more, along with Stephanie's song choice! Don't get distracted by her angelic cuteness, she is the beast in this business, highly professional and creative! Enjoy and comment.

1) Hello Stephanie, how are you? How long you've been working with 138.com and what is your previous experience in gambling industry?

Hello Jelena, I am doing fabulous! I am very happy to be working with 138.com. I have been part of this fast growing company for the past for 8 months. I am looking forward to many more years with 138.com. I have a total of 8 years in the gaming industry. I started in the industry taking bets over the phone. Just months later, I became a VIP account manager in the sales department. Soon after, I discovered the world of affiliates and became fascinated by it. I studied marketing and really took it upon myself to become the best affiliate manager. I've been privileged to have worked with start-up affiliate programs and scaled them up to viable businesses. I am thrilled to take on this new challenge with 138.com for the Asian European market. 

2) 138.com has Asian theme. Does it mean it's primarily focused on Asian Players or it's biggest markets are out of Asia?

Contrary to public believe our target market are Asians living in the U.K and most of Europe. 138.com has settled in London as it’s main hub to run operations. 

We are fully regulated licensed in the Isle of Man and Britain. The Asian European market is a very profitable niche for us, however, you don’t have to be of Asian ethnicity to bet at 138.com. Our Asian handicapping odds and Asian Live dealers are attractive to any bettor in Europe. The 138 promotions are very attractive and some unmatched by competitors. 

3) Beside casino section, there is a sportsbook, live casino and financial betting. My attention was caught by the last one, financial betting. Would you please tell us everything we should know about it? What exactly players can bet there on?

Financial betting at 138.com is very unique. We are connected to both the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is rare. Coupled with the highest payout, 138.com has been put at the top for financial betting. Players get access to all the stocks and commodities offered in the market. There are all sorts of financial betting from short term to long-term investments. 

4) As I already said, 138.com looks like site for Asian players. In that case, why countries as North Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam are restricted?

We understand that Asia is massive and highly profitable, especially in casino. Our focus is to cater to Asians living the European regulated markets. It's a similar (if not the same) player just in a different geographical location. We have solid proof and quantifiable results to embrace the Asian European demographic. Just walk into any land-based casino anywhere in the world and take a look around. It is obvious of who’s paying the bills. 

5) 138.com looks like is offering a lot of fun! We can also find Bingo games, scratch cards, table games, soft games etc. What your players love playing the most?

There is one particular fun product we offer which is very entertaining. The 5050 Mini games are located on the right side of 138.com website. The game will default to a particular sport. A question will be posed to the player relating to that sport. There will always be two possible choices for the player: Yes or No. 

When you click "Bet Yes" or "Bet No", a video will then show corresponding to the sports question with the outcome. This video is selected by an accredited “Random Number Generator”. If the video that is shown matches the player’s prediction to the question, then the player wins. Is a "coin toss" like game but related to sports trivia or just pure luck. 

6) There's only one currency available at the moment - British Pounds. Are you planning to add more?

Besides the British pound, we are about to offer the Euro currency. This will open up more European business for us. Perhaps in the near future we will offer other currencies that are used in Europe. 

7) And what about softwares, is NetEnt or Microgaming (or some other) coming up maybe? So far, there are Playtech, Amaya (Chartwell) and Ho Gaming.

138.com Financial is powered by SpotOption, which is a well-known trusted software. 138.com Casino now uses Microgaming, Amaya and HoGaming. We have SBTech for 138.com Sports. It is a very flexible solution for all our customers' needs. 

At the beginning of 2014, 138.com launched our own live dealer studios located in Macao. The live dealers are gorgeous Asian and European ladies. 

8) What news and novelties will 2015 year bring to 138.com (or even time before)?

I am proud to announce the 138.com is getting a whole new website. Some improvements include; a clean new look, easier to navigate menus, landing pages with promotions and a faster signup-to-deposit process. 138.com is opening betting shops in China towns throughout the U.K this 2015. Check out the first one across the W Hotel on Lester square. We have some secret products on the works coming this 2015. Some unique games will be only available at 138.com. 

You can expect some exclusive promotions and giveaways through ASKGAMBLERS for 138.com Casino this 2015. 

9) Thinking about new UK regulations and license, will 138.com remain being open for existing and new UK players?

138.com will continue to operate in the U.K. We have the British license and have complied with all the requirements needed. With other competitors leaving the U.K market, we expect further growth this quarter. More evidence, as mentioned above, 138 Betting Shops are opening throughout China towns in the U.K and even more LED stadium advertising. 138 is here to stay.

10) Are you able/allowed to tell us more about this UK licensing, from the very source of it, since you're living in the U.K?

This is not a massively talked about subject among my industry contacts and peers. I guess is mainly because I am not in that field. I have the same access to this knowledge as everyone else through the Internet. 138.com does have the British license. The holding company manages all these matters for us. The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act has been in effect since November 2014. This British license is for any betting operators that want to service customers located in the U.K. It has been put in place to ensure that online gambling businesses operate fairly and abide by new additional regulations. These new regulations protect both the gambler and the operator. By law, affiliates and partners targeting the U.K market may only promote operators with the British license. Many operators that used to service U.K customers have had to withdraw from this jurisdiction. Some did not qualify for the license while others decided to focus in other markets. 

138.com is one of the few top U.K betting operators licensed in Britain across all products. 

11) If you'd have a right to hear only one more song in your life, which one would you choose?

Well, I am going to have to stick to my true self and pick a "chick” song. I used to listen to it when I lived in Canada. Since it would be my last song ever, I would want to feel positive and strong. My pick is: "Hands" by Jewel. That artist has an amazing life story as well. 

12) On the very bottom of 138.com site it says that your Isle of Man license is issued on 8th August 2014, pretty recently. Does it mean you had a different one before? 

And generally, what's the importance of having particular license(s), in your opinion? What does the choice of license that casinos get, depend on?

The reason why the bottom of the website indicates that date is because 138.com was recently acquired by Fesuge LTD. Currently, we have the Isle of Man and British licenses.

Previous to that, 138.com was also licensed through Isle of Man but under another holding company. 

It’s important for us to be licensed in the jurisdictions we want to target. We want to make it easy for our customers and affiliates to work with us. Is not my area of expertise in regards to what type of licensing Casinos need. We make sure that our license covers all our products including Casino and that our software providers are licensed. 

13) In your very opinion, what is the future of online casinos? Mobile, social gaming, Bitcoin, customisation or something else?

This world is evolving towards globalisation and easy-to-use technology. This includes apps for smaller devices such as mobile phones and smart watches. I can envision more minimalistic casino games, one click deposits and more social interaction within games. 

14) What would you do, if you have realised there's Johnny Depp right beside you, buying something from the market's shelf?

First I would have an inner, silent panic attack and try to overcome it as quick as possible (no time to waste). I would refrain from saying cheesy typical stuff like "I am a huge fan" (who isn't). I would not ask for a picture or an autograph. I would say hello, introduce myself briefly and ask him if I could get a peck (Kiss) on my cheek. 

If he does, I can tell everyone and die happy knowing that Johnny Depp kissed me.

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