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Meet Roman from N1 Casino

Interview with Roman, Affiliate Manager at N1 Casino

Being powered by some of the leading software suppliers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO, N1 Casino is also famous for fast withdrawals and excellent customer support. Our Account team at AskGamblers had an opportunity to talk to Roman, an Affiliate Manager at N1 Casino and find out what the casino’s secret formula for the success is. 

Meet Roman from N1 Casino

Roman started working in an online casino as a customer support agent, which was his first step towards the iGaming industry. He firmly believes that only thanks to this valuable experience he has obtained great level of expertise, which he still uses in his work as an affiliate manager. Eventually, he was offered a position of an affiliate manager on projects at N1 Casino, LadyHammer Casino and Joo Casino.

Last month, we had an opportunity to talk to Lars from LadyHammer Casino and, this time around, our account team met with Roman from N1 Casino, so let’s see what they’ve found out!

Dijana: What is your secret formula - why do iGaming enthusiasts choose to visit and remain playing at N1 Casino website?

Our secret formula is usage of most innovative hypnotic waves that are able to bend the will of any human being and worshipping of the darkest gods of ancient times… No, just kidding! Actually our formula is quite simple. We are doing all that is quite well-known, but with the highest degree of quality.

N1 Casino has an amazing site design that combines utility with elegance and grace. Our designers are doing their best in order to provide the most balanced and interesting design solutions for our site and after quite strict procedure of selection only the best of the best are implemented by N1 Casino. Our casino provides wide and carefully refined set of providers with different types of games. You can find anything here – online slots, roulette, poker and many other variants. Our players will be able to find more than 15 providers that include Microgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, NetEnt, etc.

One of the most important traits of a successful casino is support service. N1 Casino has one of the best supports services that is known nowadays. We managed to achieve the equilibrium by combining the following of the casino rules and resolving any issue in favor of our players as much as possible. As a result we have a team of professional, sympathetic, operative and diligent support agents, available 24/7.

One of the most important traits of a successful casino is the customer support service.

But the most important trait that makes N1 Casino so attractive for our players… is the affiliate program, of course. We have technical knowledge in operating with our system and great insight in our promo-package that allows us to adequately describe all the pluses via our partners. Speaking about the system, N1 Casino is using absolutely new affiliate system that provides numerous advantages for the partners. The results are quite good, but it is only a beginning. Our system is getting better and better each day.

As you can see I can describe our success formula for hours, but two characteristics are common for all my colleagues - professionalism and passion for work.

Ivan: There are a variety of VIP levels, accessible with CPs. Please tell us more about these awesome statuses that players can get.

We have quite nicely composed VIP program based on a classic race, the track is divided into many VIP level stations. The goal is to arrive at the end of the race track and crack the high score. For that there are a variety of VIP levels, accessible with CPs. The more CPs you collect, the higher you get and the better the prizes will be. 1 CP = 20 EUR of bets. In total there are 20 levels each providing amazing prize for the lucky winner.

  • 1 level: provided when player registers at our casino, it’s a starting point for the great race
  • 2 level: first reward for the lucky winner of the first round - 25 Free Spins - and it only it gets better
  • 3 level: 30 Free Spins - we are raising the bets!
  • 4 level: 50 Free Spins - do you feel the race?
  • 5 level: €5 + 50 Free Spins - the turning point, from now on we are playing the real game
  • 6 level: €10 + 50 Free Spins - and it is getting only better
  • 7 level: €10 + 50 Free Spins - a little pause on the way to greatness
  • 8 level: €15 + 75 Free Spins - we are playing big now
  • 9 level: €20 + 100 Free Spins - another round, another reward
  • 10 level: €30 + 100 Free Spins - half of the race is done, now we are speaking real deal
  • 11 level: €40 + 100 Free Spins spins - this is the time to get ready for the final rounds
  • 12 level: €50 + 100 Free Spins
  • 13 level: €70 + 150 Free Spins
  • 14 level: €100 
  • 15 level: €150 
  • 16 level: €225 
  • 17 level: €335 
  • 18 level: €500 
  • 19 level: €760 
  • 20 level: €1000 - the final line

This is the description of exciting journey that our players have an opportunity to start.

Milica: Besides offering an outstanding gaming portfolio (with online slots and other casino specialties powered by the industry leaders), you have managed to become one of the most reputable casinos out there. What are the other values that make your online casino stand out from the crowd?

Thank you for such high evaluation. It means a lot for us that our efforts are noticed. N1 Casino is a proud owner of Malta license, that is a sign of trust that we are diligently upholding. As I mentioned earlier all of us who are working with N1 Casino are true professionals. We are following all the regulations set by our license and we will do anything needed to meet expectations of our players. Here’s what makes our casino stand out from the crowd:

  • Honesty. All cases are diligently monitored and always resolved in due time and in due way. No matter who is right or wrong as a result of investigation - casino administration will make a right decision in accordance with all terms and regulations. We are ready to provide all necessary evidence in accordance with the policy of the casino and license as we are completely open about it.
  • Sympathy. We are all human beings. We can all make mistakes. We completely understand that simple truth of life. All of our players will receive thorough and professional assistance if needed, but we never forget to be gentle.
  • Professionalism. For us this is not an empty word. Despite our policy of sympathy and gentle approach, we are able to provide assistance in any questions needed. Players, affiliates, operators themselves - no matter. Reputation means a lot for us and we are aiming to uphold it.
  • Passion. We love our work. That is it. No other explanation is needed. That is why we are striving to do what is necessary to uphold our reputation and becoming even better.

Bane: Although N1 Casino was established about one year ago, your customer support service has been having a great reputation ever since. What are the main issues and the most common complaints coming from your players and how do you manage to deal with them?

Support service is basically a face of the casino. Our support agents can be called representatives or even ambassadors of the project. Each and every one of the support team is a true professional that is thoroughly prepared for not helping, but representing our casino.

However, despite this, as every casino we have some complaints from our players. As I mentioned before. We are all human beings.

The most common ones are connected to promo. Our casino has quite detailed and clear promo terms. However, sometimes there are difficulties with receiving bonuses that is connected with minimum deposit amount, auto issuing bonuses function enabling, etc.

As a rule, such cases are resolved in favour of our players. In case bonus was not issued, our support agents will provide corresponding bonus, explain the reason why bonus was not issued and assist in correcting it.

The other case that comes into my mind is not complaint in general, but just the necessity of some of our players to express their disappointment. Despite the fact that it is not a complaint our support service will listen and transfer any appropriate recommendations to corresponding department and will do what is necessary to help.

It may sound simple and obvious, but our support service is genuinely trying to assist, to provide alternatives. This is the main principle that lies behind the work of our support service.

Jovan: What are the targeting counties that you currently focus on? And, do you have any plans on expanding your gaming content to other territories?

At the present moment we are concentrated on DACH, Nordics (except Sweden) and Russia. Those are the main markets that we are dealing with and on which we are making special accent. We are in the process of receiving the Swedish license that will open to us possibility to return to Sweden market. Not so long ago we also started to work with Canada. This geo is showing great results and we are continuing to expand on its market.

Analysis of the markets and defining new possibilities has always been one of the main studies for affiliate department.

Analysis of the markets and defining new possibilities has always been one of the main studies for affiliate department. Extra efforts and resources are allocated to affiliate conference, where one of the main aims to determine new possible geos. At the present moment we are conducting analysis of Asian markets.

Dijana: Do you have any advice for the newbies entering the online casino industry world?

As an affiliate manager I can with certainty say that efficient and professional affiliate team that has an expertise from an operational point of view and notion of the affiliate activity itself plays quite an important role in the development of any online casino. Affiliate program defines the quality of the traffic. Retention team is as important as the affiliate department. Promo package and VIP systems also play an important role. And, clearly, support service is should be professional and diligent.

From my point of view those are the most important factors that will define the success and reputation of the casino.

We would once again like to thank Roland for taking the time to answer our questions. Roman used the opportunity to challenge Kostas from Campeon Gaming Partners to be our next interviewee.

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