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Interview with Max Niehusen, CEO at Booming Games​

Interview with Max Niehusen, CEO at Booming Games​

It’s time for another exciting interview and this time round it is our pleasure to introduce Max Niehusen, CEO at Booming Games. Even though Booming Games are a rather young company you must have heard of them by now, or even tried playing their fun-filled slots such as The Marketplace slot, and Arabia slot.

But what you probably know little about is their background. Booming Games was originally conceived in 2013 as a business plan between Max and his colleagues, based on their mutual backgrounds in international finance, entertainment technologies and the land-based casino industry. However, the development of their portfolio hasn’t began until 2014.

Ever since Booming Games has continued to expand swiftly. They strive to create new true value each and every day for their growing B2B trusted partner clients. Keep on reading and don’t miss this chance to learn more about how the new kids on the block craft their thrilling online casino games.

1. Hi Max. The word is that all your games are fully developed in house by your team. Could you tell us more about the process of creating an online slot?

From conception to content completion we always keep the end-user in mind. Utilising our team of creative minds, critical thinkers, tech-savvy programmers and innovative entrepreneurs we create added true value.

Booming Games R&D Dept. focus on innovating with the most ingenious and exciting slot concepts, placing strong emphasis upon the relationship between content and features. Ensuring that they fit relevantly together thereby working to enhance our themes. Our Design team then bring these concepts to life, utilising the most ultramodern graphics software and creative designs. The behind the scenes mechanics and features are applied by our tech team. Solely after some rigorous testing our game titles are finally ready to be officially released.

We are not only creating high revenue generating game titles to receiving excellent reviews by industry experts. Additionally, we receive superb feedback from our partners based on business intelligence and data analytics.

2. In what way do you customize your slots to meet the needs of different markets?

We place strong emphasis on our R&D Dept., researching themes, game mathematics features that are presently popular from region to region. Within a diverse and competitive market, we strive and seek to bring originality to old themes and introduce previously overlooked concepts.

This is one area where our team’s highly diverse background comes into play. From information and entertainment technologies to land-based gambling, international finance and most importantly the creative arts. We utilise every individual’s input and feedback every step of the way from brainstorming to game testing.

Our new Game Suites are one way in which we are working to ensure we cater to the preferences of different markets. Many of these suites focus on regional markets, in which we have identified the core demands present in order to more effectively serve them.

Booming Games

Finally, we trust our partnering operators and aggregators to know their markets and guide us in the conception and development of new games, both mathematically and aesthetically. Hence the reason creating this bespoke content for our partners is such a significant aspect of our business.

3. Some software companies use our website to analyse the competition, shop for new partners, and check out their status among the players. What about you? Do you find the feedback you get from our members useful?

We are certainly familiar with your website for similar purposes. Providing an excellent resource for scouting competitors and invaluable as one of the most complete catalogues of slots available. Furthermore, this allows us to display our games alongside our major competitors. Finally, feedback from B2B partner clients’ is a great way of gauging game titles popularity. Booming Games therefore identifies player trends and client preferences.

4. Could you describe the type of casino players your slots are intended for?

Overall, we intend to appeal to responsible and enthusiastic online players. In terms of demographics we never like to confine ourselves to a single group and believe it’s imperative for us to be able to change and adapt quickly, to a new breed of players. It is also important to note that we are careful never to ignore the large section of regular rather than solely recreational players.

5. According to statistics, what is your most popular slot game?

We certainly have a range of slots that are exceedingly popular amongst gamers, with Booming 7 slot and Chow’s Chance slot being amongst some of our most beloved.
Booming 7 immerses the player in the classic sights and sounds of slot play, creating the illusion of being in a real casino while still offering up some contemporary features such as 2-Way Pay. It’s a classic compact 3-reel slot with gold bars, tasty fruits, and of course, lucky number 7s.

Chow’s Chance, one of our most recent releases takes a much more modern approach. It’s set in a tranquil tea house, run by the friendly Mr. and Mrs. Chow, a panda and cat couple. This is one of only a few slots to offer up not just one, but two impressively animated 3D characters. The symbols are composed of mahjong tiles and work to create a very East Asian feeling game.

6. Earlier this year you’ve signed partnership agreements with Slotegrator and ORYX Gaming. Tell us more about these deals and the benefits they’ve brought.

Our deal with ORYX Gaming, a company who create bespoke casinos platforms, was signed in early March. This partnership allows them to now offer our extensive portfolio of high revenue generating content. It has proven to be a fruitful collaboration, that has seen ORYX Gaming enhance the popularity of Booming Games’ range of slots.

Our most recent deal was made with Slotegrator in early April. As an online casino software aggregator and games content provider, they create casinos based on innovative developments in accordance with the highest industry standards. This deal allows the Slotegrator slots catalogue to offer our newest high-r­eve­nue­-ge­ner­ating game titles. Their portfolio now includes over 50 brand new Booming Games titles, which have already achieved significant elevated revenues and international success.

7. What is the greatest challenge that you’ve faced so far?

Continually searching to integrate the best themes, features and technological advances is certainly a challenge, but one that we relish. We also face the task of competing with the biggest players in the industry, however, we are proof that there is space for smaller, younger and more ambitious companies to challenge the ‘lumbering giants’.

8. What’s next for Booming Games?

While keeping our existing slots up to date and functioning effectively, we will be looking to bring new and innovative slots to the market. We have a large number of original and exciting features which we are keen to integrate into our most recent games. Our recently created range of suites will help us to get a better market spread and offer client’s packages of slots that are centered towards specific themes, genres and markets.

Next year we are already looking into various ways to develop our first table games. We primarily aim to focus on Blackjack, Roulette and some simpler dice games. We have our sights trained on the best possible technology for the mobile market and are confident that we can create highly innovative UIs with a great look and feel.

Thank you Max. It was a pleasure talking to you. We wish the best of luck and hope all your plans go as expected, so we can enjoy new state-of-the-art casino games.

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