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Meet Lars from LadyHammer Casino

Interview with Lars, Affiliate Manager at LadyHammer Casino

An interesting thing about LadyHammer Casino is that it is a place where the boxing champions are integrated. Lars, who is an Affiliate Manager at LadyHammer Casino, has previously been engaged in the boxing business and has then found his way into the online gambling industry. According to him, there is a long history in the good relationship between these two spheres, which is how he ended up being involved in the online casino industry. Now let’s see what other extraordinary facts our account team found out about him and LadyHammer Casino.

Meet Lars from LadyHammer Casino

A former business partner of Lars, who was working for the land-based slot casino in Germany, introduced him to SoftSwiss software provider and the idea of “bringing the old relationship between boxing and gambling to the future” was born. Running a boxing-related online casino (accredited by WBC World Boxing Council) and supporting charity with part of the revenue was the first step. That’s pretty much the story how Lars and his coworkers decided to “bring boxing back to casinos”, by live streaming at casino websites. 

Since the beginning of 2019, Lars has been living in Cyprus, while spending most of his time travelling to Malta, Belgrade, as well as New York, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ibiza and Lisbon. Last week, during the London Affiliate Conference 2019 AskGamblers account team had the opportunity to talk to him, so let’s see what we’ve found out.

Dijana: After a short period of time, LadyHammer Casino has managed to become one of the leading brands in the iGaming industry. Apart from a female professional athlete who runs the brand, what other characteristics make your online casino recognizable?

As far as I know, LadyHammer Casino is the first online casino brand donating 5% of its revenue to charity. LadyHammer Casino is exclusive partner of WBC, World Boxing Council and supports WBC charity organization World Boxing Cares by development of poor and third world children. We are proud to follow the road of Muhammad Ali and Vitali Klitschko, only to name the two WBC World Champions, taking over social respon­sib­ili­ty. ­

Mainstream media often tries to give a bad name to gambling industry, but we do not have to be the bad guys, people used to gamble in the past and people will gamble in future. If one of our players makes a big win - we are happy, and in case of loss - he supports charity and third world development. Gambling for good, a new point of view. I would like to thank Malte Mueller-Michaelis for his outstanding support and his incomparable success in development of female boxing and charity projects. 

Milica: LadyHammer Casino features a wide array of online slots, table games, video poker and live games, powered by numerous software giants like NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO. Besides the incredible iGaming content, what are the other LadyHammer’s qualities that attract players to become your members?

We try to combine history and future to revitalize a successful synergy. As you might know, all the big fights in boxing history have been "casino fights" at Las Vegas, Atlantic City and many more land-based casinos. This successful tradition has been transferred to future. In 2018 LadyHammer Casino was the first online casino brand streaming a fight live from the ringside. 

Of course, LadyHammer Casino offers the expected standard benefits like 24/7 multilingual live support, VIP status achievements, lotteries, tournaments and so on, but that’s nothing worth to mention in detail as well as the most powerful casino backend engine ever, designed by leading online casino white label solution provider SoftSwiss. 

Last but not least, for players and affiliates - yes, we offer very good bonuses on deposits too, but we are not looking for no deposit free spins bonus hunters or even worse, abusers. Be true to each other, we are all in the same boat, maybe a new and successful way to the future for the community of operators, affiliates and players.

Bane: Until now, your main targets have been Germany, Sweden and Finland. Are you planning the expansion by entering new markets any time soon and, if so, where?

Of course, we are planning to get into new markets, but we always prefer a solid and safe way of growth. We want to be trustworthy partners to our players and affiliates, you don't get a world championship fight within the first year of your professional boxing career, it’s more important to increase your skills step by step. Train hard and always stay true. We want to satisfy our fan-base and audience and hopefully we will be able to do the same in future at North American continent too.

Ivan: What is the main quality affiliates appreciate regarding your affiliate program?

We cash out commissions very fast and in time, but that should be a casualness of course. We prefer revenue share deals because of real long-term partnership. From my point of view, a revenue share deal for life is a proof of trust and paying of better for both sides than a short-term high CPA deal. We only do real lifetime deals with the most trustworthy partners who deserve loyalty till the end of time. Personal relationship and real friendship are the most important things in life.

Jovan: Can you share some of the future plans for LadyHammer Casino?

We all have the chance to change the public view on gambling together, there is no need for a celebrity or a single person or brand to do this. Of course, we will always donate a part of our revenue to charity in future as we did in the past, thanks to AskGamblers at this point for providing the possibility to support building new playgrounds for disabled children by donating money to these importing projects at pre-awards night. 

We will stay as we are, and we will be happy if other casino brands will follow us, we will be as happy to lose our singularity in gambling for good as we are always are happy when there is a big win by a lucky player at our casino. Hopefully we will still be able to offer the possibility of crypto currency deposits and withdrawals in future. We will of course develop our partnership with WBC, the World Boxing Council, to increase charity support. 

Social responsibility can not be forced by a law, you need to have the will to do it by your own choice. If you are trustworthy and loyal by heart there is no need to cheat your partners - and we all are partners – there won't be any casino without affiliates, there won't be any affiliate without players and there won't be any player without a casino - that’s the circle of our life.

I forward the ball to Roman of N1 Casino, a hard-working guy with a true heart who actually is working from hospital and home after his surgery, my deepest respect to you man - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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