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Meet Kim Lindsjö, Affiliate Manager at Videoslots Casino

Interview with Kim Lindsjö, Affiliate Manager at Videoslots Casino

Videoslots Casino have a reputation of constantly meeting their players’ needs by endlessly offering high-quality, diverse and fun gaming content. So far, we at AskGamblers have interviewed Lucas Godwin and Daniel Hansen from this incredible online casino and, this time, we’ve decided to talk to Kim Lindsjö, Videoslots Affiliate Manager. In fact, AskGamblers Account Managers - Bane Ristic, Milica Kasapovic, Jovan Simov, Dijana Radunovic and Ivan Tiodorovic - have prepared some interesting questions for Kim, so let’s see what they've found out!

Meet Kim Lindsjö from Videoslots

It’s time to meet Kim Lindsjö an old head that has been working for many years in Sales before starting his job at Videoslots Casino. To be more precise, prior to getting involved in the casino industry, Kim worked with Google ads, in the telemarketing business. About 6 years ago, he moved to Malta where he met a lot of people in the iGaming sector, it looked like an exciting industry to work in, so he wanted to try it out. 

He says he was lucky to meet Videoslots’ CEO who thought Kim would be perfect as an Affiliate Manager. That’s pretty much how Kim started his career in the gambling industry sector and as an Affiliate manager for Videoslots. As he likes to say: “It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since, and yet the best 4 years of my life.” Now, let’s get to know him better!

Milica: Hi Kim, first of all thank you for your time and interest! So far, Videoslots Casino has attracted many members worldwide, what is your secret and how do you manage to be among the best online casinos?

To be the best, you need to stay on top of what your casino can give back to players and be innovative. Videoslots prides itself on the fact that we have the best retention amongst our peers, and this is because we never stop innovating.

The likes of Battle of Slots, Clash of Spins, My RTP, and Weekend Booster are just some of the innovative products we give to players that adds value to their play and makes us number 1 in their eyes.

Dijana: Tell us a little bit about your team members. What makes each of your colleagues special?

Myron Saacks, known as Miles, is the Head of Affiliates. He has been in the industry for 15 years, which makes him a brilliant team leader, who is very knowledgeable and a super nice guy to work with. He gels the team together like a good glue should.

Philip Kårsjö is a good friend of mine and also a Senior Affiliate Manager. He has been working for Videoslots for 10 years and he is our numbers man. Philip knows the company so well and whenever we need anything, he is our go-to person, as far as getting things done.

Linda Cash is our English rose. She is our Affiliate Manager who has been with us for around 4 years. She loves to travel and makes sure we keep on track and on time with our events and plans. Linda is constantly looking after us, while also developing a strong reputation.

Sara Lantz is our Junior Affiliate Manager and her main role, while also learning the trade, is to manage our compliance for the UK and now Sweden, along with general compliance from affiliates. She is young, vibey and a great addition to our team – the one to watch for the future!

Jovan: What are the biggest challenges that you and your colleagues face every day?

We have a fantastic team and I love working with them. Altogether, we are a great bunch of people who make a solid team. Our biggest issue is that we want to give affiliates the best service and program that we can, but we know we have a long way to go before we can deliver a program, so that the both sides are satisfied. 

We are working hard on developments and we are hoping in the not too distant future our affiliate program will be right up there, with our online casino as a world beater. I feel that’s our number 1 challenge at the moment.

Bane: What are the 3 main qualities an online casino must have and why?

Great Customer Service - Service is the King. If you don’t support your players in a correct way it will bite you. It is essential that Customer Service representatives are well educated and communicate to players in the correct way, because happy players make for a profitable casino.

Variety of deposit methods, as well as quick withdrawals. It’s very important for a casino to be able to get as many deposits through the gate as possible, because without deposits players can’t play. On the other hand, it is vital that players can withdraw their money fast and effectively. As Videoslots offers these options, we are among the best and we are very proud of that fact.

Solid Product, Gamification. It’s vital that not only the casino is a good product, but also everything around it - from your mobile product to your live casino and the entire website - all should add value. If all these components are solid and have good quality, then you can’t go wrong. Also, it is very important that you offer players different ways to enjoy the experience through gamification concepts that entice and excite. I can say for sure we do this without a doubt.

Ivan: Do you have any advice to the newbies in the online gambling industry?

This industry is alive and forever changing and things never stay constant. You have to be adaptable and accept change easily. If you don’t, then you’ll struggle. The other thing is persistence. No matter what field you’re in, you have to be persistent to get the results you are after. Never give up, and this industry can take you very far. After all, it is an exciting and a fun place to be.

We would like to thank Kim Lindsjö for taking the time to answer our questions. Kim used this opportunity to challenge Lars from Lady Hammer Casino to be our next interviewee.

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