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Interview with Keith Hathaway, VIP Stakes Casino Representative

Interview with Keith Hathaway, VIP Stakes Casino Representative

  • Luciana
  • November 10, 2014 (Modified July 31, 2020)

Ale, I have another interview for you! Knowing how much you adore it, this one is will make your day, because an interviewed person has great sense of humour and he answered to my questions in that spirit. But, it doesn't mean he and casino he represents are not responsible and serious. They really are, try it and you'll see! Keith Hathaway, VIP Stakes Casino representative is in this industry already for quite a while and he always knows what he's doing, when it comes to business! Enjoy this interview!

1) Hello Keith! Have you recovered of all those conferences you attended? Did you have a nice and prosperous time?

Hey Jelena, yes I think it will turn out to be a very prosperous time for us, obviously helped by the fact we were Neighbours at the Barcelona conference! 

2) Many people from this industry know you! Tell us about your previous experience, before you started working for VIP Stakes?

I have a varied background going back in excess of 10 years as an affiliate, player (Poker) or more recently and Affiliate Manager so yes I guess I am well known! Thank you, I think.

Since coming to Malta some years ago I have worked with a few companies but the most well known on here is Redbet and this is where many of the forum members will remember me. I enjoyed playing a small part in their journey from a small company to what they are today. It would be great to repeat that at VIP Stakes, wouldn’t it? 

3) VIP Stakes is pretty young, right? Would be great if you'd make a short introduction of it here, bringing it closer to our players, who still didn't have a chance to check how awesome it is!

We sure are pretty young, but we are backed by a great team with huge experience so don’t let that fool you. 

Our main site motto is "where everyone is a VIP", and that is how we would like to be known and thought of by our players. We offer top quality Casino to players and treat them as a VIP at the same time, literally every one of our players is a VIP, win or lose!

4) There's a colourful, floral sign with motto "Everybody wins", on the bottom of the site! What's your average RTP? Did you already have big winner(s)?

It is a cool sign right? The fits in with what I was explaining above, where "everyone is a VIP", if we get that part right then everyone really does win. A sign of our success is if our players feel like that VIP we want them too.

As for the numbers, our RTP last month was 96.49% and for sure we have had some big winners!

5) VIP Stakes is equipped with Casino, Live Casino, Sports, Live Betting and games sections. There's another one also, called Vegas. What is it about and what makes it special?

This is where we keep our Playtech and Ash Gaming products, and we will be adding the branded Playtech games very soon, keep an eye out as the Vegas section is about to get bigger and better!

6) Please tell us more about 20% cash-back program you're offering?

A nice and simple one here, and one of my favourite promotions we have at the moment, play on any of our Playtech games in the Vegas tab and if you are unlucky and lose, we will give you 20% of your losses back, once a week every Monday morning!

7) Will you be adding more softwares, beside NetEnt? And do you have a sneak peek to upcoming NetEnt games, not yet officially announced?

You heard it here first; we have a deal in place with Microgaming to add their Quickfire games. There could be many more too, as long as the games are good we will try to add them to VIP Stakes, but Microgaming is next!

As for any sneak peaks, no chance! Our office is literally a stones throw from NetEnts, if they knew I was giving away their secrets I would have to find someone else to buy our lunches! 

8) Future plans? I'm sure there's a lot more to come in VIP Stakes! What about mobile casino?

You got it spot on with Mobile, this is the next big project! Currently with our developers in a dark room somewhere, hopefully very soon we will have a new signing and dancing Mobile Casino!

9) What would you do if you'd find out that you can't work as an affiliate nor casino manager anymore, ever again?

I have a sneaky feeling I would end up playing a whole lot more again! I used to play Poker very seriously and I would maybe spend more time on that again, learning, travelling too I hope one day. 

But now I have the Casino bug. It is now in my blood!

10) Looking through Live Casino, are the croupiers really pretty and handsome, as they are on casino photos?

Of course I have to say yes, some of them are my friends and Neighbours as some of the biggest Live Casino providers are based here in Malta, so yes, of course!

11) In casino T&C it says: "Maximum winnings per member per day via this website is £100,000 or currency equivalent". Is it possible to win over £100,000 by a single player and what would happen then, if yes? Payouts in segments or you void winnings over that amount?

Yes it is possible to win over €100,000 per day! This is actually in the Sports section of our terms and is reasonably standard practice, but the fact is we want VIP players and we will pay any legitimate bet we lay, or any legitimate Casino wins.

12) How are high-roller and VIP customers treated? What do they get with that status?

This is a tricky one for me as we genuinely do believe that all of our players are VIPs! However, like all Casinos bonuses and rewards are awarded on a player by player basis, and like anywhere else if you are a real VIP in the standard form, you will obviously get very well looked after at VIP Stakes.

13) Would you rather be very wealthy, but with no true friends nor family or almost poor, but whit big family and lots of real friends?

From the hardest question to the easiest, and this isn’t even a question. I am currently living a life based on scenario number two: I am almost poor but I have the most amazing friends and family! I believe that alone makes me a wealthy man!

14) After so many years in online gambling, what does your experience predict in it's future? How do you see online gambling in, for example, 10 years?

If I knew the answer to this question I could be the wealthy man you mentioned before! 

With so many changes in the last 10 years meaning I am too wise to try to predict the next 10. But one thing I will say is that if I am lucky to still be working in Online Gaming in 10 years, I will have had a whole lot of fun!

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