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Interview with Jay, BETAT Casino Representative

Interview with Jay, BETAT Casino Representative

I'm serving you with another great interview with our casino repres­ent­ati­ves­! This time, I'm introducing you Jay, BETAT Casino ­Rep­res­ent­ative, although many of you already know him, because he is our regular, very active and very precious forum member! I'm sure many of you noticed his great skill in guessing and asking riddles and posting attractive monthly promotions, from BETAT Casino! Hope you will enjoy this interview as Jay did, feel free to comment or ask additional question!

1) Hello Jay. How are you? Tell us a bit more about yourself! How old are you, where do you live and how long are you working for BETAT Casino? 

Hi Luciana and thanks for thinking of us for an interview. It's always a pleasure to chat with our AG friends here in the forum. 

The BETAT offices are located in Malta but I spend a fair amount of time behind the monitor before and after office hours so as to best address any Qs regardless of where our players are located Around the World. I like to spend a lot of my free time reading the forum and catching up with members, so I'm generally just a pm away if anyone needs anything.

I've been with BETAT in an official capacity as a forum rep going on just under a year now. As to age, let's say, I'm old enough to buy beer but not ready for the retirement village just yet. 

2) Any previous experience in gambling industry, before BETAT? 

I've been a player online going on 15 years and have always been interested in following the trends relating to the gambling world. I find forums fascinating as it lets you interact with so many people from so many diverse places. It really gives you a good glimpse into our global community.

I visit the land based casinos from time to time, going back much further although these days I find online gaming much more convenient. I do miss the buffets though.

My mother and I used to sit back on lazy days watching the Poker tournaments on TV together so maybe it's a genetic interest lol.

3) What's new in BETAT Casino? Oh, wait! You regularly update our forum members with new promotions! Tell us some future plans and promos, premiere?

This month we've been running promotions with a football theme to coincide with what's been happening in the world. Next month we'll be bringing you a western theme and everything that it entails. Keep your eyes on our promotions thread and you'll all be the first to know as each new promotion rolls out.

We have several other surprises coming up, but mum's the word for now. But you can bet I'll keep you updated!

4) How do you like our forum and it's members? Do you have favourite topic(s)?  

I think the forum and members are fantastic. I've always felt right at home here since joining and the community is always fun and polite and a pleasure to interact with.

You can often find me in the trivia and brain teasers section as I find it helps keep me on my toes. It's especially challenging on those mornings where I've just gotten my first coffee. 

5) What should be improved or added, so the forum become even a better place? 

It seems to me you're all doing a fine job. I hope to see more members joining some of the contests we run. The more participation we have, the more specials and promotions we're able to offer the members here. And like yourselves, we're always open to any feedback members have.

6) What are the biggest 3 advantages because of which you'd recommend BETAT Casino to our players? 

I think one of the best Elements we have is in regards to our bonus structure here. When you take a bonus with us, your bonus funds never tie into your real funds, which is a definite favourite of the majority of our players. What this means is that unlike other casinos, your real funds (and winnings derived from real funds) are never tied into a WR and can be withdrawn whenever the player wishes, so there's really no downside to taking them. We feel it’s the fairest way to treat players and we’re happy to be one of the only casinos that operates this way. Unfortunately, not all players understand what a big benefit this is and how much it improves the chances of walking away with a big win!

We also run a very transparent system here. Bonus and promotional wagering requirements are trackable in real time, so players know exactly where they stand, all the time, and completing requirements means instant rewards, rather than waiting around for rewards to be credited days later. We even allow players to track their session and lifetime RTP for the most transparent experience possible.

I'd also have go with the promotions themselves. We run different themes all the time to reach the broadest possible audience. Over the period of a month, you can find several deposit matches, CASHBACK offers and guarantees, month long and short term wagering promotions and sometimes even a few surprise promotions. I'd even have to say, customer support is pretty generous to its players so don't be shy about reaching out to them.

7) I was always wondering why Israel is restricted in most of online casinos, including BETAT? 

I'm afraid that one just comes down to the legal arena and current Israeli legislation and as such is out of our hands. All we can do in the meantime is see what the future brings.

8) Does BETAT Casino have sister casinos and who they are or it's "the only child"? 

Currently we are running just the one property - BETAT Casino. This allows us to focus more on our players and determine what works best so we can run a smooth and fun gaming experience.

That isn’t to say we aren’t working on new projects too. Stay tuned for some new exciting projects to be launched throughout the summer.

9) Will you be adding NetEnt's games and do you know when? 

NetEnt is something we're very keen on adding to our portfolio and we want to insure the addition of the new games runs seamlessly, so we're being very careful to dot all our is and cross all our ts. We are in the advanced stages of integrating and you can be sure that AG members will be some of the first people to know when the games go live, which will be announced at some point in the summer. We’ll even set up an exclusive offer for AG players upon launch.

10) Do you organise free roll tournaments? 

Not in the sense that we offer tournaments like some of the download casinos. We prefer to run smaller, more intimate tournaments for our members, much like The Dark Knight Rises mini tournament we ran a while back. We have more in the wings to appear soon once we launch our NetEnt portfolio, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with them once they go live.

11) What do you think of Bitcoin as a currency? Does it have a future in online casinos? 

There isn't much I can really say about Bitcoin as it isn't a currency we currently use here in the casino, nor any immediate plans to add.

12) How do you manage to keep good reputation, especially regarding fast payouts (up to 12 hours for e-Wallets)? 

We actually strive for 4 hours - 12 would be on the far side. Of course, sometimes we need to insure KYC is in oder, but once that's out of the way, players can look forward to speedy withdraws. It's certainly something we always want our members to look forward to when choosing to play with us.

As to reputation, I believe that comes from providing transparency, clear terms, a fair gaming experience , great support and our drive to keep our product one of the most innovative on the market.  There's always room for improvement which is why we always welcome player feedback. I promise you, we listen to what you, the players, have to say.

13) What are the latest Microgaming games added to BETAT's game database? Any special bonus on that games -  maybe an exclusive for our members?

We add new games continually, so be sure to keep an eye out for emails and the banners in the casino. Several of our newest releases include Untamed Crowned Eagle, High Society, and the very recent release of Football Star. Right now we have a promotion with a CASHBACK insurance for our latest release, of which we Hold a similar promotion each and every month for newly released games.

Always check the main page in the casino along with the tab 'My Bonuses and Promotions' to see what's running so you don't miss out on anything. And of course, our facebook page is kept current to every promotion as they roll out, as well as the BETAT Casino promotion thread found right here in the AG forum.

14) Promise you'll continue being a dear and active forum member?

I'm always happy to participate and I'm never further than a pm away, so don't be shy to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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