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Interview with Jack Jelinek, Slotland Affiliates Casino Representative

Interview with Jack Jelinek, Slotland Affiliates Casino Representative

1 Arm BanditIt’s been a while, but here is a new interview for you. We present our exclusive one on one interview with Jack Jelinek, casino representatives of Slotland and Win a day Casinos. Take moment and find out all you ever wanted to know about these two great US friendly casinos.

1) Hi Jack! How are you? Where are you living and why is it the best place to live in?

Hey Jelenka, I'm doing well, thanks, though a bit busy as usual. Still I would never pass on an opportunity for such a lovely exchange, so thanks again for the invite. Plus I'm changing my status to 'feeling special' for an entire day today.

My office is located in the very heart of Prague, Czech capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, at least in my eyes. It offers an unbeatable, but yet not overwhelming mix of past meeting presence with all its historical and cultural landmarks, places to see, and food and beer to die for.

I hear ya, some things may be missing on the list but who cares when longer ski slopes, pristine beaches and fresh sea food are only a few hours away by car, or a plane.

2) You are pretty long in this business, level pro :) How did you start working in gambling and how long exactly are you working for Slotland?

Right! Imagine I've been watching all the ups-n-downs of this crazy industry for already way over a decade now. Stopped counting years ages ago though.

Back in my early twenties I couldn't decide between a corporate career at a bank and something as different -if not completely opposite- as a job at an online casino. About a year after Slotland entered the market, being one of the first twenty online casinos out there. So at first I took both the jobs, but along with working on my degree at the same time it was too much to take, so soon I had to make a choice. Being young and brave at heart, which I still am btw, I obviously went for the adventure off the beaten track. And never felt sorry for my choice ever since.

Plus as a small side kick down the road I also tried my luck as an affiliate. Though never really leaving such an impressive mark on gambling landscape as e.g. Askgamblers does, I was still extra lucky to be there 'in time' to benefit from hungry and virtually untapped markets, stellar conversions and ski-high player values, along with few other perks available back then that today's affiliates can only dream of. I mean, can you imagine you could make big bucks promoting online casinos legally via Google Adwords?

3) Is there an offer or opportunity in this world, which would make you leave Slotland for?

Haha, that's a good one! Well, if there is, I still haven't stumbled upon it. With the incredible bunch of people behind Slotland, bustling industry and my passion for the diverse work ending up on my plate every day, I really don't know. Wait, maybe becoming an owner of Slotland would do.

4) Slotland Casino and Win a Day Casino are using their unique software - Slotland Entertainment and Win a Day. They can't be found anywhere else. What are, for online casino, the advantages and/or disadvantages of having its own software?

Again, we need to take into an account it's 1998, and not 2008, nor 2015, that we're talking about when Slotland started to produce its own games. Historically, way before there were any other decent software providers to deal with. Plus being the kind of guys who always liked doing things our way, we simply followed the same path with Slotland's sister site, Win A Day Casino, a few years later. Game count on both our sites combined will soon reach an impressive mark of 100 of games in total. Quite a way since the first four Slotland launched with!

Having your own games means that on one hand, you have the privilege of offering a product that no one else has, at the same time you can hardly compete with the sheer number of games coming from oh so many different providers. Not that this would be our goal, because based on our analyses of player behaviour in our as well as other casinos, players generally tend to browse through a few dozen games at max, but usually end up playing very few top-most favorite games anyway.

Another interesting thing that applies to both major as well as niche game producer is that after being around long enough, soon emerges a group of players who entirely 'adopt' your approach and virtually refuse to play elsewhere. Fortunately, for Win a day and namely for Slotland this works really great.

And don't let me start about the thing with hundreds of casinos offering the very same games, or hundreds of games, many of which are virtually indistinguishable. These are some of the reasons why we simply prefer doing things our way.

5) Tell us more about your games - what makes them special comparing to other, better known ones? Which game would you recommend to us?

Designing on our games means one thing, complete freedom. Freedom in terms of game layout, graphics used, its bonus features, picking its name, fine-tuning its behaviour, you get the idea. Let alone having the option to either place a safe bet on proven concepts or try to see things from a different angle and possibly ending up with likes of Win a day's multi-wheel roulette games, or Slotland's Slotris and Fourcast to name just a few outcomes of such experiments. Even if they may not be for everyone.

By not following the path of building a casino game based e.g. on a trademarked movie themes or action figures, we aim to do the hard work by offering a perfect mix of thrill and first class entertainment combined with superb gaming experience, in general aiming for what we call high fun factor, instead of relying on the power of a movie character, that the game itself may eventually barely resemble.

In terms of my recommendations, let's just 'Ask gamblers', shall we? After all players know what they like the best themselves! Having said so, many old players at Slotland still continue to praise the 10+ year old gems like Treasure Box or Jacks Or Better, while the younger ones seem to prefer either typical fruities such as Fruit Mania or Turbo GT, or the visually appealing themed beauties like Ice Queen or Gods Of Egypt.

Similarly at Win a day, some of the most popular games among the premium slots are Castle Siege and Alice In Wonderland, whereas the most popular penny slots are Sands Of Gold or Aztec Adventure, to name just a few.

6) In Win a Day Casino there are Slots and Penny Slots sections. What is the difference between them?

Correct. Win a day's premium slots usually feature wider choice of more delicate bonus features while offering a broader bet range and enhanced graphics on top of it. Win a day's penny slots on the other hand also offer some of the most popular bonus features but boast with bets starting at mere $.001 per line per spin. Yes, that means you pressing the bet button can cost you less than $.02, which makes Win a day quite unique and definitely worth trying.

7) Slotland Casino is one of the oldest online casinos, founded back in 1998. What do you think, do the players pay attention to the tradition and years of existence, when they are choosing online casino to play in?

Yes, imagine Slotland will be celebrating sweet seventeenth anniversary in just a few months!Back to your question. Lot of players now run a small background check prior to starting to play at a casino of their choice mostly using established portals like AskGamblers. One of the main reasons is that they're vastly interested in how each particular casino pays out. And being a casino that has been around this long and keeps paying winners for over 16 years is definitely a huge advantage, I can tell you that.

Then, of course, you have these spontaneous players who don't care much about the past and recklessly rush into action no matter what. Even if it might be at a site that puts caps on payments, pays with delays, or at worst doesn't pay at all. My best advice is, always do your homework, folks!

8) Win a Day Casino shows 98% Payback Certified, on the bottom. Is this its official RTP and is it the same for Slotland too? What are your players mostly winning on? Slots, table games, poker, tournaments? Or maybe a particular slot game?

The 98% certified payback both at Slotland and Win A Day Casino basically covers all games on site including those linked with Progressive Jackpot.

As we mainly cater to slot players, as far as I can remember it's always been slots that our Jackpots have been hit on.

Lucky game? Perhaps try Win a day's uber-popular Vegas Mania that has brought us the most Jackpot winners there and the JP haven't been won on it for quite some time. 

9) What about Slotland's and Win a Day's plans for the future? Are you gonna add more software or maybe currencies? There's only US dollar available at the moment.

There is always room for improvement. While I obviously can't go much into details, I'm still able to shed some lights on our future plans. Obviously apart from adding more games and introducing new cool features, we plan to keep adding more payment options also including non-fiat currencies such as bitcoin. With our current scope and focus, we might stick with USD as a sole currency for now though. Besides that Win a day will soon be launching a brand new mobile site, improved tournaments with –yep you guessed it- much anticipated free rolls.

10) Current jackpot amount in Slotland Casino is around $76,000. Do you know, what was the biggest jackpot amount ever offered and/or won, by Win a Day's or Slotland's player?

Sure. The highest Jackpot won to date at Slotland was over $266k, while the biggest Win a day's Jackpot paid out so far more than $254k. We have had quite a few of $200k+ Jackpots being hit last year though.

Plus quick glance into the stats tells me that altogether; over $12mio was paid out in Jackpots over time at Slotland and close to $5mio at Win a day. Not bad if you ask me.

Alright, maybe not reaching multi-million figures, our Jackpots actually do get won quite often and don't get shared across bunch of sites.

11) From some secret sources, I somehow know that you love good music and parties. At least, you used to, until you got children. How's being a cool daddy?

Great sources you have! The wagering requirements are somewhat higher now, to borrow a quote from gambling niche, but being dad, let alone being a dad of two, is super cool! Just to resolve any potential doubts of all soon-to-become fathers, becoming one surely doesn't stop you from listening all the good and loud music there is. It somewhat limits this when, where and how often factor, granted, but even with the 'strings attached' I still love every minute of being dad. And you will too, I'm sure.

Plus speaking of music, there is always this lovely combination of work, good pair of headphones and virtually endless library of good vibes coming handy on occasions when no cool party or gig is in sight, right?

12) Both of your casinos are mobile friendly and in Slotland, there's even a statement that every browser in the world is supported, plus MAC, iPad, PC, AOL, PS3 and MSNTV. How much did your mobile traffic increase in the last and this year, how much does it participate in your total traffic and how much it will, at the end of this year, in your opinion?

I know that the thing with all the browsers being covered may sound as a bold statement. But as a producer of no-download games you could play instantly, instead of relying on a bulky software that one had to download and install first, this was a must and one of our main goals.

In general, gambling has indeed evolved massively over the past decade or so. No longer it's being carried out by an army of elderly ma'ams firing up their discarded workstations, AOL set-top boxes and WebTV's, using their cc numbers as their account names. Today's players are definitely smarter, more demanding -if not right away spoiled- and equipped with classier gadgets, with the percentage of portable devices inevitably rising higher and higher month after month.

In the past, Slotland always strove to support all the platforms capable of handling HTML, while things eventually shifted away from the dead-ended stone-walled platforms such as AOL towards traditional devices such as desktop and laptop computers, eventually appearing on tiny screens of handhelds or mobile phones via Java apps, and finally embracing the world of smartphones a few years ago.

Quick glance into the stats tells me that the amount of mobile traffic at Slotland has surpassed non-mobile traffic more than a year ago. Expecting to see even faster growth at Win a day, after releasing its super cool mobile interface that we're currently working on, later on this year.

Just couldn't resist mentioning that the first spike in mobile traffic at Slotland actually dates back to 2004/2005. Yes, that's not a typo! Incidentally we just had 10th anniversary of Slotland's first Mobile Jackpot hit on a phone that today's teens would have trouble using, and paid out way before the first iPhone was ever made. Again, there's hardly any other brand who can claim the same.

13) There's a funny thing I couldn't resist not to mention. Slotland Entertainment created erotic slot game, named Silver Kiss. It even has a progressive jackpot. Looking at it, it looks kinda old fashioned. When was it released, was it popular and is there going to be a remake?

Oh no, I knew you would bring this one up. Alright, here we go. Silver Kiss as another example of out-of-the-box kind of approach used to be the very first X-rated online casino game out there and was extremely very popular among Slotlanders not only because of the chance to hit the progressive Jackpot on it, but also because of its lower bet range. 
Uhm, can’t really judge the content myself, maybe those with their teens back in 60’s or 70’s can help us here. And yes, we are considering adding Silver Kiss 2.0 with slightly up-to-date content for anyone above 18/21 and at the same time under 99.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of this, definitely had fun. Just sorry for the lack of shorter version. Cheers and free rakija shot for everyone making it to the very end!

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