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Meet Henry McLean, a Commercial and Marketing Director at

Interview with Henry McLean, Commercial and Marketing Director at

We are thrilled to introduce Henry McLean, a Commercial and Marketing Director at software company. Our interviewee has over 14 years of presence in the iGaming industry, being an expert in marketing and sales. Before he started working at, Henry was responsible for marketing all products at Playtech PLC.

Being founded last year, have already started to build a reputation for their forward-thinking approach to game design, creating enjoyable releases that excite players, with the best math profiles. are on their way to become a key trendsetter and market leader, so get ready to meet them. As a matter of fact, their first games are about to be released during this month, so read our story to learn more about this software provider and see what we can expect from their games. 

1.  Your very first game, 9k Yeti, is scheduled to be released today, alongside another online slot and a Crypto/table game that will be launched within the same month. We’re sure our readers are eager to find out more, so can you share some details about each of these games?

Sure, we are really excited to share with you information about our first releases and tell you a bit more about what makes so different. Our first online slot to be released, as you mentioned, is 9k Yeti. This game takes the players on an adrenaline-packed adventure up Mount Everest to find the elusive Yeti! This is a volatile game with a generous RTP of 97%. The name comes from the maximum win on the reels of 9,000x and was inspired by the height of Mount Everest (8,848m).

The main feature of the game is the Free Spins Bonus round with Snowstorms. The first thing to mention is the fact you can get up to 88 free spins initially and it’s also packed with re-triggers making a maximum possible of 880 free spins. 

When the Snowstorms is triggered, Yeti and Everest Wilds are shuffled around the reels to create a guaranteed win. Making Epic Yeti wins even more likely! The game also features our totally new BIG REEL Portrait Modeâ„¢. This allows the player to play portrait on their phone and use around 70% of the screen rather than less than 20%, normally used in portrait play. To make this possible we have stacked the reels, spinning them right to left, no other gameplay is changed just the spin. Portrait play is not new, but no one has actually looked for a better way to do it...until now :)

Inspired by the popular Crypto game - Satoshi Dice, 100 Bit Dice combines the excitement with real money gaming.

The next game we have coming is 100 Bit Dice, this game is inspired by the really popular Crypto game Satoshi Dice. We wanted to bring a version of this exciting game from Crypto Coin into ‘real money gaming’ - again something no one has ever done. The concept is simple: The player sets their stake and chooses their bet using the slider, then watches as the dice is rolled. Will the 100 Bit Dice roll under or over their choice?

We spent a lot of time designing the UI to make sure it was really intuitive to play - especially on Mobile. Mobile is really important to us, it is never just an afterthought. Even if you have never heard of Satoshi Dice, don’t be put off and give it a go, as its a fun, simple and very popular table game, just one that you may have never played before! 

After researching Google search data and trends, we discovered that Zombies have overtaken Vampires in terms of popularity, so we thought it was time to make the ultimate Zombie slot.

Then finally this year we have 1 Left Alive coming in December. This is a slightly less volatile game when compared to 9k Yeti and again boasts a generous 97% RTP.

We do a lot of research into themes as we want to create exciting games with great themes to match. After researching Google search data and trends we discovered that Zombies have overtaken Vampires in terms of popularity. So thought now is the time to make the ultimate Zombie slot! Featuring the lone Survivor Stacked Wild (the 1 Left Alive!) fighting against a Zombie Apocalypse. This game is packed with innovation, featuring our BIG REEL Portrait Modeâ„¢ but also a new ways mechanic. 

We wanted to create a ways game with stacked Wilds and endless excitement. Due to how Ways games work this is not easily achievable, so we decided to create something new and Plus+Waysâ„¢ was born. A single symbol on each reel awards a single payout win, any additional symbol found in the win awards an additional payout! This creates 1,024 Single Ways and 32,768 Plus+Waysâ„¢ additional pay combinations.

The main feature of the game is the Bloody Wild Free Spins, as you might have guessed you get to kill the zombies! You select a zombie hidden behind a bio-hazard and when the Survivor Wild appears with that Zombie she shoots it, creating a bloodbath of Bloody Wild that stick over various spins and slide down the reels - potentially creating massive successive wins. 

2.  Apart from the excitement and engaging game mechanics, what other characteristics can players look forward to?

We have lots of exciting innovations up our sleeves - innovations to make the game more entertaining and fun for players, not just ‘innovation for the sake of it’.

We also work closely with players, telling them about the games, what to expect and what type of game it is. We are on Facebook and Twitter and encourage players to engage with us, so we can understand even more about what they like and more importantly what they don’t. 

3.  What is the process of creating an online slot and how long does it last?

Every provider is different, taking a different view of what is most important for them. For us, the most important element is the player - as our name suggests. We, therefore, start with game mechanics and math ideas as this is what really controls the player experience. Without good math, you don’t have a good game!

Once we have a concept or prototype, we then look at themes and design, spending a lot of time researching themes and art styles. We then start developing the game and making it just right. 

Finally, we look at game names - we have quite a few concepts we are working on that still don’t have final names. I guess it is a bit like naming your child until it’s born, it’s not always easy to see if the name fits :)

Another thing that makes us different is we don’t plan on creating a ‘games factory’ churning out endless games every year. We will be releasing a small number, giving each one the love and attention it deserves. 

4.  You pride yourselves on offering 100% Adult design, what does it mean exactly and how did you come up with the idea to avoid childish themes?

What we mean is that all game design will be ‘adult design’ with no fairy tales or childish cartoons. For us, it was quite an obvious approach as well as being the right thing to do - after all, we only want our games to appeal to the right audience. 

5.  Your team is made up of pioneering professionals, who have long-term experience in the casino industry. What are the biggest challenges you are currently facing?

The biggest challenge for us is the amount of content out there now, everyone seems to be creating games. However, we are lucky as our games are different and innovative so they are cutting through the noise and getting noticed. We have had a great reception from online casinos, players and press.

6.  Being avid players yourselves, how valuable is your gaming experience in terms of creating new releases?

Our experience is essential - for example, if we were making cars, would it be important we knew how to drive and understand what made a good car? It would be essential as otherwise how would you know what made a good car. 

Game design is exactly the same, if you are not a player how can you understand what makes a good game or more importantly what makes a game poor and frustrating. We don’t understand it when people who don’t enjoy casino games create them.

7.  As mentioned earlier, you also feature a 100 Bit Dice, apart from online slots. Why did you decide to enter table games vertical and are there any other similar games to be added that players can expect soon?

We are always looking for gaps in the market and space to innovate. We do have another Crypto inspired game coming in early 2020, this one is based on the popular ‘crash’ style games. We can tell you more about that one next year.

8.  So far, you’ve joined forces with Yggdrasil Gaming and Relax Gaming to deliver premium content. Have you integrated with any other platforms and what does that mean to players?

Yes, we have also done a deal with SG Digital - this means we have a brilliant mix of platforms to work with, each with real talent and passion for what they do, in the same way, we do.

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