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Interview with Diana Militaru, GoWild Casino Representative

Interview with Diana Militaru, GoWild Casino Representative

I know you always want more of my interviews. And of course, I am always happy to make you happy! We have lovely woman today with us. I finally had a chance to meet her in person, on London conference this year. She is professional, straightaway and adorable young lady and our awesome representative of awesome GoWild Casino - say hello to Diana Militaru.

1) Hi Diana! How are you? You live in Romania. What is the nicest thing tourists should visit when coming to Romania?

Hey Jelena  I am doing great, thank you! Really excited to do this interview.

Indeed, I am from Romania, which is a very beautiful country, in my opinion. It gives you access to the mountains, the Carpathians, a gorgeous destination if you find yourself in Romania during winter. If you decide to visit the country during summer, you must go to the seaside. Of course, the capital city, Bucharest, is a fun city no matter the season. Tourists should not miss visiting The House of Parliament, which is the biggest building in Europe.

2) Can you tell us why GoWild Casino gave up on getting the UK licence?

Obtaining a license, for a regulated market, involves a lot of new financial responsibilities as well as legal obligations. A thorough analysis was performed by our dedicated team with the conclusion not to proceed with the application. 

3) GoWild's sister is born - Wild Jackpots Casino is ready and live! Can you tell us more about this new casino site of yours?

Wild Jackpots is GoWild`s second brand and we are very proud that after being present in this market for so many years, we are finally able to offer a second option to our players. Bringing the new casino to life was a great team effort and the result is simply delightful.  Powered by Microgaming, Wild Jackpots has an exciting collection of over 500 games and it is available on mobile, as well as on desktop (instant play and download versions). There is something for every casino lover here. 

4) New players in GoWild are always awarded with nice amount of free spins on popular or new games. What do the old, existing players get in casino and how do you keep them coming back?

We take good care of all our players  In the end, if they are happy, we will be rewarded too. That is why we invest a significant amount of time in our internal marketing team. They carefully plan each promo that goes out to our players. We also have a dedicated team for our VIPs that make sure they get the best GoWild treatment there is.

5) Looking through the player comments in GoWild Casino's review on AskGamblers, I noticed a line "No for high rolling". What are you offering to the big, high-rolling players?

That is quite a drastic statement. GoWild is definitely the place to be for High Rollers. We are constantly improving our strategy for them, all that so they can have an unforgettable experience. Exclusive tournaments and promotions is what make them come back for more.

6) What's the current jackpot amount in GoWild and do you know if there was some big win recently? 

At the moment, Jackpots exceed 7 million euros. Shocking, right?  I wouldn`t even know what to do with all that money.  Players have quite a few options of progressive games where they can try their luck. The most famous progressive is by far Mega Moolah which currently is getting closer to 6 million euros.  Imagine hitting that! 

7) GoWild Casino offers download and instant play casino. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, in your opinion?

The download version is by far the most complete one: it has the highest variety of games and it is supported in over 20 languages.  It is very easy to install and it offers the player the best gaming experience. Biggest advantage of the instant play version is that you can play online, login in directly from the site.  This way you access your favorite game instantly.

Let`s not forget the mobile version which allows Android and iOS users to enjoy the casino on the go.

8) If you were a player, which deposit method would you use and why?

I would definitely go with one of the e-wallets, preferably NETELLER as it is fast and secure. I can go back to enjoying my games in no time.

9) Do you know if there's going to be more sister casinos, beside GoWild and Wild Jackpots?

Sky is the limit. That is always a possibility.

10) Please tell us more about your VIP program. Why would players want and try becoming a VIP member, what benefits does your program offer them?

Loyalty and devotion are highly rewarded at GoWild. That is why we created a special program called the VIP Lounge where, according to the club they are in, VIPs receive top-class treatment. This includes dedicated Account Managers, loyalty points specials, exclusive promotions and tournaments, as well as, special treats including birthday presents, guest passes to major events worldwide or unique holiday gifts. Those are just a few of the privileges that our VIPs receive.

11) GoWild Casino is very good and reputable casino, which even has a manual flushing option. Where are these 18 complaints coming from and why? However, all 18 are solved, but what is it that players are complaining about?

Players should sometimes have a bit more patience and understand that we receive many requests. There are a lot of them and few of us. We are doing our best to get back to everyone in an acceptable time frame but sometimes, that is not good enough for some people and they like to put some pressure on us by posting on forums. Also, for part of them it is difficult to understand that we have strict procedures to follow. At the end of the day, we always manage to solve everything.

12) I was always wondering what are the duties of Pit Boss, in GoWild?

The Pit Boss is basically the Casino Manager and has the authority of overlooking the decisions made in the daily casino activity. For example, he can decide on wagering requirements or awarding special bonuses.

13) What's coming up in casino? What nice things shall we looking forward to?

Here at GoWild, we keep things fresh and enticing! Each month we launch not one, but more new games and we have several tournaments going on at the same time.  There is not one single dull moment in our casinos.

14) You have a lot of tournaments, can you recommend us some which is coming up next?

The Mad Hatters brought a new wacky tournament at GoWild: the "Insane Weekend Tournament".  It takes place every weekend from mid-night Saturday to mid-night Monday.  For just $1 entry fee, the payers will gain access to the $2500 prize pool. Good luck to everyone!

15) What would you do and what would you spend on, a million euros won in the lottery?

Wow, sounds like a lot of money to me  but I am sure I would find a way to spend them, I am a woman after all ) Fist of all I would  take care of my family, make sure they have everything they need.  Then, I would take a long holiday and travel for a while, visit some exotic places and buy all that my heart desires. Now that I started dreaming, one million euros doesn't seem to be such a huge amount of money any more

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