Interview with Bruno Berlafa, Thrills Casino Representative

Interview with Bruno Berlafa, Thrills Casino Representative

It was about you guys get another fabulous interview to read! Some of you may already know this person, for he is an active member on our Forum. Those of you who don't, well I present to you Bruno Belafa, Thrills Casino ­Rep­res­ent­ative. Take a moment to read our lovely interview and see for yourself whether he is as charming as the casino he represents. 

1) Hello Bruno, how are you? Where are you waving to us from?

Ciao Jelena and rest of the AskGamblers lovers! I am waving from Marbella, south of Spain. Over 300 sunny days per year, but at this moment, it has been London weather for the last 10 days.  All those hours in gym for nothing.

2) We all are impressed by how adorable Thrills Casino is! You pay much attention to its looks and there was a re-design done recently. What has actually improved, changed and added, besides the "Flying Casino" motto and appearance?

Thank you J, glad to hear it! Bigger, better and more beatiful, if you allow me to brag a bit. What you see now is something that we had in plan for a long time. We entered the world of online casinos with the philosophy of changing the stereotypical look and feel of the majority of online casinos that wee see today.  

A lot of love and energy has been put into Thrills Casino in order to give our players a higher entertainment value. Besides that we have now implemented our Bonus-O-Metre as a permanent feature where players will be rewarded with Real Cash Free Spins and bonuses  while playing on selected NetEnt games.  

3) There is a sister site, SuperLenny Casino. How did they both get their names?

We ended up with Thrills  since we wanted to find an edgy name that gives players reference to the awesome thrill that you can get when hitting a nice win.  It was Lenny himself  that insisted on adding a super before his name. He is not the most shy guy on the block, but if you would be buddies with Maradona and Jordan I reckon you would be a bit couky too, right? 

4) Are both Thrills and SuperLenny mostly focused on Scandinavia or which (other) markets are your biggest targets?

We have a Scandivian focus since the majority of our people have a broad experiece from those markets. However, we are active and welcome players from all around the world. If IKEA, Volvo and Zlatan made it internationally, so can we. I can let you know that more international players are finding our Casino which makes me really happy to see. 

5) Thrills Casino even has it's Instagram profile (beside Facebook and Twitter). Do you have a special person taking care of social networking? Do these profiles help you increasing your traffic? If yes, how much?

Our goal is to be available to our players everywhere, answering questions and/or celebrating their experience with us. Currently the social pages are maintained by our Support Supervisors alongside the Thrills Marketing team in order to cater for everything.

7) There's a lot of softwares you're offering: Microgaming, NetEnt, Thunderkick, Playtech, Play'N'Go, NextGen, Ash Gaming.. Any plans for adding even more of them in the near future?

Yes, we believe in the "Player's choice" and will within the near future also add games from WMS, Yggdrasil and Betsoft both for the site and mobile!

8) Both of your casinos are mobile friendly. What is the proportion of desktop and mobile games? Are all your games available on mobile or...?

Unfortunately, there is still a legacy within casino industry where the suppliers have not built a mobile version of all their games. The good news is that most suppliers have realized the importance of mobile and most new games are built with both Desktop and Mobile in mind. Currently we offer 150+ mobile games whereas we have 600+ games available on desktop. If the game has a mobile version, it is available in our mobile!

9) Are there Live Casinos and good looking dealers in Thrills and/or SuperLenny?

Yes, real good looking, indeed. Sometimes my wife wonders how come I spend so much time watching and not playing.

10) Thrills Casino has an impressive return to player of even 97.50%. Congrats! Do you know what is the biggest win you had, who won it and how?

Our most recent big win was last Friday (21st of March) where an Australian player managed to win over €88 000 in One single spin in the all-time favorite slot Jack and the Beanstalk. We’ve been live over a year now, we’ve had loads of big winners, and we’ll ensure to celebrate them even more this year!

12) If you'd have to learn one more foreign language of choice, which one would it be and why?

I already speak six languages and I love to learn new languages.  At the moment, I am trying to improve my Spanish, but to play on my Xbox is much more tempting. I reckon Chinese would be pretty sweet to know. At least enough so I can order food and actually know what I'm going to get. 

13) What pros and cons, as feedback, do you have from our Forum, where you're already a regular and beloved member?

I love to hang out on AskGamblers, so many lovely people there. Since we really put a good amount of time in order to listen to our players on how we can improve even more.  The positive feedback has been about our desgin, promotions and payout times.  We got some feedback about limited deposit methods, but we have since then added new providers. There has also been a few players that mention low RTP. I really can't do much about that. It's never fun to have a bad streak and since I am a player myself I can relate to it indeed. 

14) Can you give us a sneak peek for what's coming up in Thrills and tell us if there's anything we'd like to hear and I missed asking?

During 2015 we will focus even more on the player experience to ensure our players get the best experience possible. We will release a new, improved mobile product, keep working on Gamification competitions, where all players can win bonuses, real cash, free spins, and more by completing certain achievements when they play. 

The challenge is setup individually for each player and there's always a new treasure chest to unlock when you play at Thrills. We will also release a Custom game which we've produced together with Net Entertainment.

15) What is, in your personal opinion, your best virtue and your worse flaw?

Two persons can let you know in a more objective way, my wife and my mum. The people that you love the most are also the ones that know all your flaws since they seen your true nature.  But I reckon most people in general would find me as a very easy going and funny guy with a strong passion for all the good things in life. If I could change anything about myself it would be that I need to be more  organised. I spend too much time searching after where I put my glasses. It's a bad combination since I can't even see an elephant without them.

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