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Interview with Audrey Verspaget, Twenty One Casino Representative

Interview with Audrey Verspaget, Twenty One Casino Representative

  • Luciana
  • August 18, 2015 (Modified September 16, 2016)

This interview is dedicated to beauty. We present you exotic Audrey Verspaget, representative of new, stylish Twenty One Casino. Read why both girls and guys like this casino, what's coming up specially for AskGamblers' members, where would Audrey travel and many more interesting things about these two lovelies!

1) Hi Audrey, what's up? You are originally from Netherlands, but now living in Malta. How do you like this difference?

Hi Askgamblers and readers, thanks for having me! True, I’m born and raised in the Netherlands and now living in Malta since last February. Malta has been very good to me so far: not only is it the perfect environment to operate in the gaming industry, the sun also shines a lot more in comparison to the Netherlands!

2) Twenty One Casino offers 21 free spins upon registration and 121% 1st deposit bonus to represent casino's name. Why twenty one as the name?

 “Twenty One” is a number that is positively related to casino; think about Black Jack for example. In a lot of countries you’re allowed to play in the casino from the age of 21.  Additionally, three times lucky number 7 equals 21 which is a common lucky combination in slot games. Twenty One stands for lucky fun, and that is exactly what we like our players to experience while playing at our casino.

3) One of your promotions, Nouveau Riche, is related to Harrods, famous UK brand. This promo might be interesting especially to our female audience! Tell us more about it, please?

The Nouveau Riche promo endures until the end of August. During the promotion period we raffle 10 x EUR 50,-, 5 x EUR 100,- bonus credits and a lavish Harrods cheque worth EUR 1,500.00. We reckoned that everyone would feel like a kid in the candy store having this cheque in his/her pocket while walking through Harrods seeing all these stunning luxury suits, impressive watches, designer bags and jewelry. There’s something for everyone! 

4) Twenty One Casino is new and designed classy and modern, simply an eye-pleasant. Are your customers mostly feminine players?

Wow, thank you for the compliment. Amazing to hear that the look and feel of Twenty One Casino is exactly reflected on the audience as intended: modern and classy. I must say we don’t see anobvious larger group of feminine players; we’ve got a similar amount of male players playing at Twenty One Casino. Men are however known to be looks-oriented creatures, which might explain why we’ve got a lot of male players too ;-)

5) How important for online casinos nowadays is to have and run Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages?

I think it’s definitely important for an online casino to be out there on social media, since social media is a huge part of the current modern every day lifestyle. It is an effective channel for reaching your audience in order to obtain more awareness about your brand and accompanying promotions. A lot of players wouldn’t visit a casino’s promo page daily, but the majority of the players do log in on Facebook almost every day. It’s the perfect tool to communicate with your players and to keep them up to date. 

6) How fast are verifying and withdrawal processes in Twenty One Casino?

We handle withdrawals as quickly as possible at Twenty One Casino and are therefore usually processed after 1-2 days on weekdays

7) What is the best thing about Twenty One Casino?

I can’t stick to just one best thing about Twenty One Casino, because we’ve got plenty! We offer unique and outstanding promotions to our players, in order for them to not only get excited to win on the games we offer but have a chance on winning awesome prizes specifically at out website too. In our former promotion for example, a player won a brand new Fiat 500X, an other player won a holiday cheque worth 10,000.00 and the third winner won an Amazon cheque worth 5,000.00! 

Additionally, when you play at Twenty One Casino, you will never be treated as just “a number”. We strive to have personal approach and customer service, which is not always common in this or even any industry.

8) Scandinavian markets seem like taking over this industry. Do you think these countries will start issuing special licences, like the UK did?

I do think these markets will start issuing special licences. Probably even all markets might be regulated in the future, because it’s the best way to control and regulate markets on the basis of fairplay. And not to forget, it would be a good source of income for governments in these times of crisis as well.

9) If you were a high rolling player, which of the Twenty One casino games would you play?

We’ve got a special High Rollers section at Twenty One Casino, offering various games like Roulette, BlackJack, PuntaBanco and loads more! I would say come and check it out!

10) Surprise! You very recently created a special, exclusive 150% up to €200 + 21 Free Spins, Welcome Bonus, only for AskGamblers' members. What's next they can be looking forward to, from you?

I can’t reveal all things we’ve got planned yet, but we’re thinking about a special promotion with special prizes to win for players who found us via AskGamblers! 

11) Have you managed to check our forum community? Many representatives are already there, actively participating. Will you consider joining us?

I’ve checked it out and it’s a great initiative for casino operators and players to come together. I haven’t been active thusfar, but I will definitely start joining from now on!

12) What's your dream holiday destination?

Since my mother is from the Philippines, my heart is dedicated to South East Asia. I try to visit Asia as much as possible; the nature, the food, the people; there’s no such place where these three factors are so exquisite like over there. However, the poverty can be confronting at sometimes and it’s often a hard lesson that you’re not able to help everybody. 

As a matter of fact, when the devastating typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines over a year ago and a lot of poor households lost everything they had, I raised a good amount of money and travelled to the affected areas to offer personal help by providing materials for new housing, clothing and food. The most sad but impressive experience in my life, but I’m willing and planning to do it over and over again in the future. 

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