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Interview with Alex Smith, Bet365 Casino Representative

Interview with Alex Smith, Bet365 Casino Representative

  • Luciana
  • April 17, 2015 (Modified September 16, 2016)

It’s been a while, but we are back with a fabulous interview that was definitely worth the wait. It’s high time you met Alex Smith, the person representing bet365, the best brand on AskGamblers.

1) Hi Alex, how are you? Can you please tell us how you’ve managed to start working for such a huge brand as bet365?

Hello there, I am very well thank you, busy as always but that’s why the affiliate industry is a great industry to work in. I have always had a passion for online marketing and in particular the gambling industry, so when I saw bet365 were recruiting I was incredibly keen to make myself known to the company and applied for the job. Before joining bet365 I built up my experience within the online marketing world (sounds very ambiguous) which enabled me to secure my current role at bet365. Since joining bet365 my skills and capabilities have been further enhanced through working closely with affiliates.

2) When a player enters bet365 website, they can see 8 main sections: Sports, Financials, Casino, Poker, Games, Vegas, Bingo and In-Play. What is actually In-Play and what can players do in this area?

In-Play is our most popular form of betting, and an area where bet365 can be described as a market leader. In-Play is where players can bet on live sporting events which they are watching either at home or on the bet365 website. At bet365 we offer a fantastic live streaming schedule on over 50,000 events giving customers the opportunity to watch and bet on the bet365 website. The In-Play feature also gives customers up to date stats on the match and real time live odds, so customers can experience real excitement whilst using this feature.  This is a really good selling point for bet365 as we want players to have the full betting experience and we feel, with the In Play product and the live streaming availability, bet365 offers this.

3) Beside these sections, what other interesting and useful services does bet365 offer?

You have mentioned all of the products that bet365 offer and as you can see from what you have stated above, we offer a vast range of products which can appeal to all customers’ tastes. I think it is important to note that as well as the above products we also offer fantastic customer service and support to players at bet365. People at bet365 work around the clock in order to ensure queries that customers make are resolved as quickly as possible. In addition to our products and our live streaming service previously mentioned, we offer a live dealer product available 24/7 and in-house live chat on all products to provide our customers with the best possible user experience.

4) Main difference between Casino section and Vegas section is that Casino offers mostly Playtech games and Vegas NetEnt's, right? And are there any other differences between them, worth mentioning?

That is correct. The Casino product provides customers solely with Playtech games and the Vegas product provides a wide range of NetEnt games. Outside of this the major difference is that the Casino product is a much bigger product as it offers a greater number of games currently, however as the Vegas product is our newest product it is one that is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Certain additional aspects that the Casino product has are Live Dealers, Progressive Jackpots and the VIP Programme all which enable customers to get the most out of their online gaming experience with bet365.  We also have a Games product with a site separate from the Vegas and Casino products. Within this product we have over 600 games from over 30 different software providers. At bet365 we have games which suit all players gaming tastes.

5) bet365 has been online about 14 years old, since 2001. Has there been a land-based brand which moved to an online website or how was bet365 created, do you know?

When bet365 first started there were offline betting shops but the focus quickly became purely online so the shops were sold and bet365 moved the whole focus of the operation to online betting. Since then bet365 has grown from strength to strength so you can see it was the right move to make.  At the time this was a bold decision to make as most operators had a lot of shops but also had the online side of the operation. 14 years down the line other companies have followed suit by either focussing on their online presence or in the case of a lot of new operators to join the industry in recent years, structuring their company entirely in an online capacity. Looking at how successful the company has been in such a short amount of time shows the decision was a great one to make and has helped to make the company what it is today.

6) What is the difference between Video slots, Bonus slots and Premium slots? I saw you classified them in that way. And how many slot games bet365 has in total?

The Premium Slots available are the best performing slots, these are the slot games that many of our players find the most enjoyable to play. A prime example of a Premium Slot game is ‘Ex­tin­cti­on’. It’s a very popular game as it is quite different from what players might traditionally associate with a “normal” slot game. Dinosaurs and gambling, what is not to like?

The bonus slots are the games which have a number of bonus rounds where players can win big bonuses as they progress through the rounds of the games.  Perhaps a cult classic of this particular category is the Lucky Leprechaun bonus slot game which just happens to be one of my personal favourites!

All other slots games are under the category video slots. This is where players will find the majority of slot games with an unbelievably good array of games where even the pickiest player would find one that they liked. From Temple Quest to Cashino and Today’s Weather to Nemos’ Voyage this is just a tiny example of the mixture of games available to players at bet365.

At bet365 we offer over 800 games in total which is a huge amount of choice and diversity within the online gaming world. The above highlights the array of different games available to bet365 players and shows our intent to continue to develop, not only the casino product but all products, so we can continue to be the most innovative and popular betting operator there is. 

7) What is the best place you visited and why?

Fulfilling the role of a Performance Marketing Manager at bet365 I am very fortunate that I do get to travel in order to meet affiliates from across Europe. The three conferences which are held each year are very beneficial and offer great opportunities to meet many affiliates and also see some wonderful cities. I would have to say though my favourite place I have been lucky enough to visit is Barcelona. I really enjoy the conference which is held there and I think the city is amazing! Away from conferences bet365 are very proactive in meeting affiliates and we are encouraged to travel and meet affiliates in order to build on relationships. This also gives Performance Marketing Managers great opportunities to meet with their affiliates across Europe extending our reach to our marketing partners far beyond that of the conferences.

8) Do you know, approximately, how many people work for bet365?

At bet365 the workforce is constantly expanding due to the ever growing success of the business. Currently bet365 employs around 2,900 people and this number is expected to rise over the coming years. The number of employees currently working at bet365 shows the sheer growth and progression the company has made since it first started in such a short amount of time. It also demonstrates how successful bet365 has become and that it will continue to be successful for many years to come.

9) Do you play slots, sports, poker or any other casino game(s)?

The majority of the time I like to bet on football and horse racing, but I also frequently enjoy playing a game of poker. I have played casino games before but when I do I prefer card games like BlackJack. To be honest it depends on what kind of mood I am in and what sports events or current promotions are available. I tend to look at bigger odds bets or as I like to call them ‘Ho­lly­woo­d’ bets. Basically the stakes are smaller but the odds are greater so when one comes in, the reward feels greater. There are occasions where smaller odds and slightly bigger stakes are preferable but I am more of a ‘Ho­lly­woo­d’ style of player.

10) What is the easiest and the fastest way for the players to verify their identity and speed up their withdrawal?

The fastest and easiest way for players to make a withdrawal would be to follow the steps highlighted on site. This would entail submitting the right documentation to verify the players age.

Customers have the opportunity to submit documents via e-mail or if they wish to they can process them by uploading them via the Know Your Customer section on the website. Once the documents are uploaded to the section of this site bet365 will aim to review your documents within 48 hours. Once the review is complete we will notify the players via e-mail. This is something that we recommend customers do at their earliest convenience so it is not something that they have to worry about in the future.

The speed of the payment process and withdrawal options depend on the customers location but at bet365 we make sure that our payment methods and time it takes for payment to be processed are highly competitive within the industry for our customers’ satisfaction.

11) What do bet365's future plans include? Obviously, you already have sooo many things, therefore it's not easy to add anything new or missing but still?

I think for any business to be successful they need to grow and adapt to changes within whatever industry they are in. This is the same approach bet365 take when looking at planning for the future. At bet365 we continue to strive to be the best and offer our customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else. At bet365 we have always had a focus on technology and I don’t envision this philosophy changing within the business anytime soon. Our mobile offering, across all of our products, is something we have been continuing to work on so I anticipate great strides being made here. Within the online betting industry, the proportion of users, transactions and bets placed through mobile devices is forever growing and so in order for bet365 to stay competitive within the market we will continue to look to develop our products on mobile.

Further enhancing our mobile offering demonstrates bet365’s desire to reach all customers through different mediums so that our customers can have the best possible experience no matter where they are.

12) What's your favourite movie and favourite song?

Tough question, there are many different films and songs I like, it depends what kind of mood I’m in. The best film I have seen recently is ‘Fury’ which is World War Two film so I would say currently this is my favourite film. My favourite song is a little bit trickier as I like so many different songs and genres. I like to listen to anything from rock to house music. So I’m not going to give a definite answer here, sorry!

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