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InterPartners' migration to PlainPartners

Goodbye InterPartners, Hello PlainPartners

InterPartners will be migrating to PlainPartners, which operate on the MyAffiliate network. As soon as the successful migration to the new casino platform ends, InterCasino will be joining forces with their sister brand VeraJohn Casino. Basically, InterPartners relocation will give all affiliate managers the benefit of having one account manager and multiple brands to promote with ease from the same platform.

New Set of Creatives and Links

The migration will allow a whole new set of creatives to attract and convert the valuable traffic on the PlainPartners platform. For those affiliate managers who already have an existing account, all they gotta do is send PlainPartners their account details no later than the 31st of January, 2017. In case there are affiliate managers who do not have PlainPartners account, those individuals will need to create one, and send their username within the aforementioned timeframe.

How to Submit PlainPartners Account Details?

All affiliate managers who want to submit account details need to send a message using the InterPartners internal system. Make sure you indicate your PlainPartners username, which can be found in top right corner of the screen, once you’re logged in. Another way is to send the email you registered with. In case you need any assistance, feel free to contact affili­ate­[email protected]­nte­rta­

“Once you have set up an account, replace all your old creatives and links with those from the new system.”

There’s no need to worry about any tracking being lost during the transition, as it will automatically be redirected. Just replace your old creatives and tracking with the new ones in MyAffiliates, for optimal performance and reporting of new players. Upon migration, all your existing players will be transferred and tagged to your PlainPartners account provided.

However, no historical reporting data will be transferred. That’s why you need to make sure to download and save all important data from the previous years or months. In addition, all affiliate managers need to set up preferred payment method as soon as possible. Once the InterPartners system is migrated to PlainPartners, the current InterPartners credentials will no longer be in use to verify accounts, and managers will need to submit KYC documents manually.

The Migration Ends in April

As long as you provide your account details, PlainPartners will be sure to apply the same commission structure you have been on at InterCasino, by the 30th of April, 2017. Thereafter, the PlainPartners commission scheme tiers will be applied to your account going forward. PlainPartners will keep you informed about all changes and updates on their ends, during the whole transition process. However, in case of any questions, PlainPartners encourage affiliate managers to contact them at any time.

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