Get Ready for the Future with Microgaming and Virtual Reality

Get Ready for the Future with Microgaming and Virtual Reality

Microgaming are clearly ready for the future, which they unequivocally demonstrated at this year’s ICE show in London. Namely, Microgaming demoed their award-winning Virtual Reality roulette game in a futuristic CRYO lab, making sure their 3D exhibit was a big hit with the audience. So much so that the demonstration was, in fact, deemed one of the highlights of ICE Totally Gaming 2016 show. Let’s see what the display and the invention were really about.

Virtual Reality in the Gambling Industry

Microgaming believe that Virtual Reality is the next step in the gambling industry. “It’s a great way to bring gaming to the general public”, said John Coleman, Finance Director of Microgaming.
You might be wondering how exactly you are going to get a real-money VR experience. The answer is simple (though the technology sure is not!)—by putting on a wearable called Oculus Rift. And what even is Oculus Rift, you might ask? Simply put, it’s a gadget that sees other players who wear the device, while projecting a live stream in front of their eyes.

Microgaming’s First VR Roulette

The lucky visitors of ICE 2016 had the opportunity to check out Microgaming’s augmented reality exhibition and, what’s even more exciting, test their first VR roulette game hands-on. As they entered the CRYO lab and put the tech wearable on their heads, the players were transported to a roulette table in outer space, with friendly animated robots as their croupiers.

‘Very cool’ was a frequent comment among the players who tried the VR game.

The Oculus Rift DK 2 headset and Leap Motion 3D Controller tracked the players’ hand movements and projected them into the 3D world, which allowed the visitors to touch anything that they could see. The entire experience earned amazed smiles and comments from those who got to try the game. Reactions like, “Very cool”, “I enjoyed it”, “It felt like I was in a whole different world” and “I was very impressed” seemed to be the most frequent leitmotifs among the enthralled testees.

The Future Is Now

As Microgaming vow to be at the forefront of 3D techno­log­y—e­spe­cially when it comes to tech wearables—we sure look forward to seeing what they have in mind for their next big move. The one they showcased at ICE 2016 was quite extraordinary, to say the least.

Microgaming sure seem to be ready for the future—are you?