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Get Double Dipped in Betsoft's new Sugar Pop 2 slot.

Get Double Dipped in Betsoft's Candied Sequel: Sugar Pop 2 Slot

You know that colorful, cartoony and somewhat girly Sugar Pop slot? Well, it looks like Betsoft decided to release a sequel to this game which is somewhat a better and more exciting version of the first one. There is a lot to expect in this Candy Crush Saga inspired slot, including leveling up. But before you go over to your favorite Betsoft Casino and hit the reels on Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slot, let’s get over some basics.

New Looks

Just when you think that this is a theme that cannot surprise you, Betsoft decides to reinvent it. Fluffy pinkish clouds are still there but candies are different in this Sugar Pop land, as well as their functions, and some features that go along with it.

Get ready for this sugary and chewy, cluster-win delight from Betsoft!

Once you climb up this sugar dream land, you will notice that the reel grid is different. Instead of a previous 5 reels that are set on 5x5 grid, Sugar Pop 2 is set on 7x7 grid, which means that there are a lot more paylines.

In Sugar Pop sequel the colors are much more vivid, and everything is way dreamier than the original slot. Reels are transparent here, and the special candies that you got used seeing right away, don’t just appear on the board. Instead, they come onto board wrapped in a giant chocolate surprise egg. However, I don’t want to discover all the novelties immediately, let’s go over them step by step.

Indulge in the Exploding Clusters

If not right away, then after a few spins, you will surely notice Red FS candies. These are special as well because a cluster of 4 or more of these will trigger a bonus feature which will award you with at least 5 spins. However the number of spins will increase depending on the number of symbols that exploded in a cluster. For 4 symbols in a cluster you get 5 spins, and for each symbol more that triggers the cluster explosion, you will get +2 spin on the previous value.

When more than 5 candy clusters resolve in a turn, you will get awarded with a Chocolate Bomb symbol which can get you some substantial wins once it explodes. The more winning clusters, the more powerful the bomb is, and it can affect the maximum of 20 symbols on the grid.

If there are 5 or more symbols in a winning cluster, they will generate a Wild which will be left behind once the cluster explodes, and then awarding the prizes, which certainly can increase the big win chances.

The one thing that remained the same is leveling up, so don’t worry. The Star is a level up symbol and the more you collect the faster you will level up. Each level requires a certain number of Star symbols to progress. The good thing is, that there is no cap on levels, the number is indefinite, and each new level unlocks a special candy which comes along with special features. However, there is so much special candies that you can unlock, and they stop at a level 29.

When it comes to Special Candies you can expect anything and everything. For example, the first level contains the Gumdrop Candy which absorbs all the candies of a same color before it explodes. Caramel Chew travels around and destroys candies on its way, Candy Cane explodes and reaps all the symbols on the same row and column, Lollipop will shuffle symbols around, Fizzy Pop will cause random symbols to explode, Jelly Bean Cannon shoots Jelly Beans that rain down and destroy symbols where they land, Morphing Golden Wild will substitute for adjacent candies to help you make clusters, and Sweet Hammer will hit the area up to 9 times which will cause the candies it hits, to smash and disappear.

The fun has no limits in Sugar Pop 2, all you need is load the game and start spinning the reels!  

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