Genii Reinvents Slots with its Revolutionary Spin16 line

Genii Reinvents Slots with its Revolutionary Spin16 line

News is just in and oh boy is it hot! The gaming technology provider Genii took up the task to reinvent slots upon itself. With the launch of Spin16, a ground-breaking new slots product line Genii is giving players a unique opportunity to interact directly with the reels, spinning any reel in any direction rather than just pressing a single spin button. How fantastic is that?

Genii’s revolutionary slot

With the idea of giving players an unmatched gaming experience, Genii patented the innovative Spin16 slots product line which represents a huge change in the way video slot are played. Since video slots haven’t really changed much over time despite being widely popular, this is a giant leap forward.

“There has been very little true innovation in slots over the past few decades. Yes, the graphics look nicer, but the way they are played hasn’t really changed. Spin16 is a truly unique slots concept which is built for today’s devices.” Nick Barr, Genii sales director, pointed out.

Spin16 games are supported on Windows, Apple and Android platforms and are available on desktop, tablet and mobile, so they will for sure take the world of online gambling by storm and find their way to players’ hearts easily.

The unique Spin16 slots product line

The revolutionary Spin16 slots are developed to leverage the full area of touchscreen devices and the ubiquitous swipe action. This actually allows players to swipe up, down, left and right, producing a far more interactive and engaging slots experience.

“The games are still very much video slots”, Nick Barr explained, “ they retain enough similarity to the recognised format for easy player transition, but also feel new and improved. We’re very excited about the potential of Spin16 and feel it can truly shake up the slots market.”

However, the multi-directional spin is not just a cosmetic feature, but it also has a real effect on the game outcome. The second phase match game results in multiplier bonuses on any payline wins for matching the house pick, which adds an extra layer of excitement on every spin.

There is also a ‘spin cold’ and ‘spin hot’ feature where players can choose to follow the direction which is currently the coldest or hottest based on live results from other players online at the time.

More about Genii

Genii is a gaming technology provider focused on building the next generation online gaming platform. The company is steered by a team of entrepreneurs that have led the field, both in the business of gaming and technological innovation, since the 1990s.

It is licensed in UK and Malta and can boast with a games portfolio of 130+ multichannel games designed to enhance player experience.

We are honestly excited to have a go on some of Spin16 games. Are you? If you are wondering where to find Genii slots, Casino Dukes is the place to go.

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