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Discover AskGamblers: We're Now Dealing with Complaints against Affiliate Programs

Discover AskGamblers: We're Now Dealing with Complaints against Affiliate Programs

Last but not least change that we’ve implanted with the new design is the extension of services provided by our renowned Complaint Service. From now, our team of experts will not only deal with complaints filed against online casinos but against affiliate programs as well. Keep on reading and find out more.

Affiliate Program Complaints

The fact is that since 2009 we’ve been doing an amazing job helping players resolve their issues with online casino listed on AskGamblers. So far, we’ve managed to return the astonishing amount of over $6.5 million. However, we still aim to do more and help more people.

Among the other changes that were made, we went on to add Affiliate Program Complaints feature. This means that all industry professionals and players who experience issues with any Affiliate Program listed on AskGamblers are welcome to file a complaint. Our team will try to help resolve it as quickly as possible.

The rules are just the same as for the Casino Complaints. We accept complaints only against affiliate programs listed on our website. Both parties are given 96h to respond and in case either party fails to respond, the complaint is closed and marked as unresolved. Remember that AskGamblers only acts as a mediator, and does not judge.

Why trust AskGamblers Complaint Service?

Askgamblers believes that transparency is the key to a trouble-free and fair online gambling. We keep all the complaints public and give players the rare chance to see how casinos react and cope with solving all issues. Over the years, we’ve become a  precious source of unbiased and important information that numerous players rely on.

Our system is efficient for, we’ve managed to accept and resolve over 60% of issues that come our way. This has resulted in $6.5 million of delayed, unpaid or simply unjustly confiscated money by various online casino operators.

Players are able to submit a complaint against each and every one of the online casinos presented at AskGamblers and now with the launch of our major redesign, they can also file complaints against affiliate programs. There over a thousand casinos and affiliate programs in our immense directory and both players and partners can seek help in case they have issues with any of them. AskGamblers Complaint Service is here to help.

And since we’ve covered all the feature it’s time to end this set of articles. But before we end, let us remind you one more time to visit our forum and share your thoughts. The fact is that our journey has been absolutely phenomenal, for we’ve been constantly breaking all records. We also intend to keep at it and therefore your feedback is of great importance.

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