Check Out LeoVegas Casino's New Gambling Options for Your Improved Safety

Check Out LeoVegas Casino's New Gambling Options for Your Improved Safety

LeoVegas Casino are proud to announce that most of the games in their offer now come with the new UK Regulation compliant keypad for Autoplay and Reality Check. This may not mean much to you, but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in a bit. Before we go into more detail, what you should know is that the UK Gambling Commission looks out for you and, with these innovations, you can actually control how you Autoplay and enjoy your favourite slots in a much safer way. Here’s the entire rundown.

How the Autoplay Regulation Works

Like we said, these new Autoplay regulations exist to make sure that you, as a player, are still in control of the gambling process even during Autoplay. So, when we say that there are 3 new controls to stop the Autoplay function, here’s what we mean in a nutshell:

  • Loss limit, for one. This essentially means that you won’t lose more than your preset sum from your starting balance.
  • Single win limit, which means the Autoplay will end after you hit a big win equal to or above the amount set for the limit.
  • And jackpot win, which is pretty self-explanatory: when you hit a jackpot, the play will stop.

Basically, every time you decide you’d like to use Autoplay, you’ll need to put in your wager amount, the number of spins and one of the aforementioned limits, which will ensure your protection and keep you in control.

More to Come Soon

While there’s a large number of games at LeoVegas Casino with this new Autoplay keypad, not all providers have yet managed to add these amazing new safety features. Still, they are working on it together to make this work, as your safety is their priority. Stay tuned for more!

A New Countdown Timer

Another novelty is the so-called Reality Check. In essence, this time alert option allows you to keep track of the time you use for gambling. You set a limit on how long you can spend playing the games in order not to get carried away and you can rest easy.

The new Reality Check option lets you put a limit on how much time you will be spending on gambling.

How does it work? You log into your online casino profile and select the time alert function from the left-hand side of the screen… and start using it immediately!

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To try out and enjoy the new Autoplay and Reality Check features regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, head over to LeoVegas Casino immediately, sign up for an account and have fun playing safely!

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