CasinoEuro Closing All GB Accounts Starting March 30

CasinoEuro Closing All GB Accounts Starting March 30

Wise men say: “All good things must come to an end.” Wise men or, perhaps, simply those trying their best to cheer us up when less than favourable news comes our way. So, with that optimistic line on our minds, it is our regrettable duty to inform you that due to UK Legislation, CasinoEuro will be closing all Great Britain accounts as of the 30th of March 2015. To be certain you have all the necessary details on this particular item of news, make sure you stick around and read on.

Collect your CasinoEuro GB account money today

If you have a Great Britain player account at CasinoEuro, what you need to be absolutely certain is that you have saved all your pending money. That is, if there is still some cash on your CasinoEuro GB account that you haven’t withdrawn, be sure you have done exactly that by the 30th of March 2015. Also, in accordance with UKGC regulations, you will need to show proof of your age before collecting your account money.

Continue playing at Betsafe

While the information that you’ll no longer be able to use your GB account at CasinoEuro may get you down a bit, we have some good news that is bound to lift your spirits and balance it all out! Namely, the place where you can immediately head to is the Betsafe casino, CasinoEuro’s sister company. You already feel like you’re missing your favourite games you used to play at CasinoEuro, ranging from Casino and Poker to Sports and Slots? No problem. Betsafe has it all.

Join Betsafe now

So, you’ve decided to give Betsafe a shot? You want to browse through their wide selection of amazing slots and the most diverse virtual table games? Wise choice. Here is what you need to do exactly in order to get yourself a Betsafe account and immediately start playing their fabulous games:

  • Go to the official Betsafe casino site
  • Select Sign Up or Open Account
  • Choose your distinctive username and password
  • Take a few moments to fill out a simple registration form
  • And you’re now ready to start spinning your favourite reels at Betsafe!

Remember, the CasinoEuro GB accounts are closed on the 30th of March 2015! So, go get your pending account money and, to continue playing games and slots to your heart’s content, Sign Up at Betsafe today!

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