becomes the world's first Bitcoin Casino to introduce instant Credit Card depositing becomes the world's first Bitcoin Casino to introduce instant Credit Card depositing

BitStars Casino it is the first bitcoin casino to introduce instant depositing using Credit Cards and PayPal to play with bitcoin currency. Gone are the days when bitcoin currency was a nightmare for players to get hold of, because here and now, Bitstars Casino proudly announces its acceptance of deposits via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal, including instant withdrawals, in bitcoin currency. 

Historical Milestone for and Bitcoin currency

Whenever a player encounters a bitcoin currency casino, they get cold shudders running through their bodies. That’s because bitcoin currency is accepted only at bitcoin casinos, is so difficult to buy and get hold of, and those who dared venture into it would face numerous delays and setbacks with this virtual cryptocurrency. Not only that, the process of getting it can be very long, confusing and complicated, taking days or even weeks to accomplish. What’s even worse? The currency signs (symbols) - they look like something out of Albert Einstein’s notebook! Hence, most players would shy away and stick to their usual casinos using good-old-traditional currencies.

Say goodbye to all those nightmarish days, and say hello to bright new sunshine days! Bitcoin currency has just made a historical milestone with, providing players with new conveniences and no more reasons to fret. Just like taking a candy from a baby, Bitcoins have now become so easy to get.

The Head of Marketing at comments

Nikolica Vadaski, Head of Marketing at commented:

“This is a giant leap for the bitcoin industry as we have introduced the options for players to get hold of bitcoins in a matter of seconds. We are set to drive the adoption of Bitcoin to offer a fantastic user experience where our players can get hold of bitcoins instantly using their credit card or PayPal account. At, we truly believe in that.”

Improvements on the way

With this major milestone in hand, bitcoin currency and bitcoin casinos will be making much more headway progress in due time. BitStars Casino for one, are already determined and focused in striving to offer all its customers with a safe, fun and user-friendly online gaming experience. Not only that, they have also added 10 more new exciting and thrilling games for their customers, and these new games are available both for browser play and mobile play. 

If you haven’t been to, or seen any of game (SoftSwiss software), then it is now time for you to open a new tab on your computer screen and see for yourself what the big fuss is all about. It could change your mind for ever. It could even save you lots of money going to payment of transaction fees!

Taking the world by storm

What more can we say? It is pretty obvious that a raging blizzard will be ensuing in the near future, taking the entire online gaming world by storm, and sending shivers to all its gaming competitors around. As if the existing rivalry isn’t enough, there now walked in a newbie strong guy, throwing thunder bolts of lightning at traditional currency casinos. And worse still, this casino won’t be alone either - more will be following right behind. So watch out everyone, this bitty-coiny new casino means serious business and is here to stay!

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