AskGamblers to Be the Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider

AskGamblers to Be the Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider

Last week, AskGamblers submitted an application to become an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider for The Gambling Commission. As planned, the ADR Directive will be implemented by July 2015 and hopefully AskGamblers application will be approved.

What is the ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a collection of processes used for the purpose of resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially. It’s been decided that The Gambling Commission is a competent authority for ADR Entities who handle disputes relating to gambling.

AskGamblers applied to become ADR provider approved by The Gambling Commission to deal with disputes in the world of gambling

This means that The Gambling Commission will approve ADR providers to handle gambling disputes. Can you think anyone more qualified for the job than AskGamblers?

Basically, as you all already know, AskGamblers has been successfully helping players and online casinos resolving their differences for years now via its unique Casino Complaint Service. Those of you who are not yet familiar with the system are welcome to read our story Insight in AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and find out how it works.

Perhaps after the implementation of the Certificate of Trust, which is an exclusive club for the best and most secure online casinos, the logical next step for AskGamblers was definitely to apply to become the approved ADR.

What are the requirements?

In order to get approval and become the official ADR providers, applicants will have to:

  • demonstrate to the Commission that they meet the requirements of the Directive such as those relating to independence;
  • gain approval from the Commission to handle gambling disputes
  • meet the information requirements of the Directive, such as having a separate website and providing information to their competent authority (the Commission).

What will AskGamblers as an ADR provider do?

As an approved ADR entity, AskGamblers will be authorised by the Gambling Commission to provide ADR services in the gambling sector. It will be required to accept and mediate both domestic and cross-border disputes, including disputes referred through the ODR Platform, if relevant.

AskGamblers will keep doing what it does best – help players and online casinos around the world to resolve all their issues quickly and fair. So, if you are experiencing any trouble don’t hesitate to file a complaint and rest assured that we are going to do everything we can to help you.

Gambling operators will have to use approved ADR providers

Once the ADR directive is implemented, from July 2015, Gambling operators will be obliged to ensure that they use ADR entities approved by the Gambling Commission.

The list of ADR applicants has been published. However, this is not the final decision. All applicants, including AskGamblers, still need to be approved. Once the Gambling Commission has evaluated and determined the applications, a register of approved ADR entities will be published.

If the chosen provider hasn’t applied for ADR and doesn’t have any intention of getting the approval of Gambling Commission, the licensed gambling operator should change its ADR provider.