AskGamblers is at the Berlin Affiliate Conference

AskGamblers is at the Berlin Affiliate Conference

Today the AskGamblers awesome team of experts is attending the third annual iGB Affiliate Conference that is taking place in Berlin at the Messe. This year the exciting event has moved from Barcelona to Berlin, and so far our team has found the vibrant city to be an excellent host. During the next two days, AskGamblers will mingle, make new friends and get engaged with reputable online casinos that can be found in our listings.

Casino Engagement in Berlin

We have decided to use this opportunity to show partners how to engage and take advantage of all the benefits AskGamblers has to offer. With our enhanced subscription and live notification system both players and casino representatives can keep up to date with player reviews, complaints and forum updates, as well as all other casino news.

AskGamblers wants to engage in a loyal partnership with its casinos!

In order to make sure online casinos in AskGamblers listings and their representatives make use of our unique services and provide players with a quality gaming experience, we’ve prepared a special proposal for them. AskGamblers promises to honor its partners, cherish their casino reviews, and keep them up to date forever. In return, all we ask of our partners is:

  • to have and to hold their casino rep account,
  • to make friends with new affiliates from this day forward,
  • to resolve all player complaints, for richer and for poorer,
  • to be committed on the forum, in sickness and in health,
  • to give feedback to all player reviews, the good and the bad.

By saying yes to our thrilling proposal, casino representatives will engage in a loyal partnership and promise to keep their casino review up to date at all times and make sure we always have the right information by using their casino rep accounts. Also they will strive to make friends with both players and other affiliates, help their players whenever they experience a problem and so much more.  In this way they will show players that they are trustworthy and caring.

To show how serious this proposal really is, we have even prepared lovely engagement rings for all of those who decide to accept the offer.

AskGamblers stands out as always

If you know the story Our experience at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, you know that we also attended the 2014 AAC and we were the only Affiliate to have a stand. Even though more than a year has gone by, this is still the case and even today in Berlin we are the only Affiliate to display.

The only difference is that we have grown so much since then. Today there are over 700 online casino reviews and 400 affiliate programs listed on the AskGamblers website with many features both can only gain from.  For example, we have exclusive deals with 60% of the Affiliate Programs listed that others can benefit from too, just by signing up through AskGamblers. And that’s just one example. We are still pushing boundaries, making progress and growing, and we have amazing things yet to come.