AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Returns $5m to Players

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Returns $5m to Players

Today is the day to remember, as the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service has struck a milestone. We've reached the stunning amount of $5m returned to players. And what makes this fact even greater is that this amount has doubled within a single year. Around this time last year the sum was $2.7m and during 2015 it skyrocketed to $5m. 

The amount returned to players soared in 2015

Since the service for online casino complaints was started, back in 2009, we've helped numerous players and returned large amounts of money, all with an aim to ensure players get a fair play. Throughout the years our Customer Support team has worked diligently, mediating between online casinos and players, assisting both parties to come to an agreement and resolve their issues. 

But perhaps we can now say that this has been the most successful year ever. In just 12 months the amount of money online casinos returned to players as a result of resolved complaints via our Casino Complaint Service was doubled. It soared from $2.7m to astonishing $5m

Hard work pays off

The truth is that this substantial growth hasn't happened by chance. It's simply the result of years of dedicated and hard work each member of AskGamblers team has put in. Since the launch of the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service, its popularity among players has only increased. 

Up to now, we have received 7788 complaints and all were considered. Some were rejected due to numerous reasons such as insufficient information, but the majority, 5055 complaints was actually published. And 62% of those published complaints were successfully resolved resulting in the stunning amount of $5m being returned to players up to now.

Back in the day when it all started

The idea that grew into to become the successful Casino Complaint Service was based on the firm belief that players deserve to get a fair game. And clenching to its beliefs over the years, AskGamblers has grew into the most reliable casino portal that has helped numerous players. We act as an unbiased mediator between players and casinos giving both parties a unique chance to resolve their issues fair and quickly. 

With an aim to make the world of online casinos a safe place to have fun, we are putting so much effort in helping players in need via our Casino Complaint Service and by singling out the superb online casino by awarding the Certificate of Trust.

If you're experiencing any trouble with any online casino in our listings, don't hesitate to file a complaint. On the other hand, if you are curious to learn more about our casino complaint service or certificate of trust, read our stories Insight in AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and Why does AskGamblers Certificate of Trust Matter.