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Boom Pirates slot is taking you on an entertaining and captivating adventure.

An Explosive, Sea Shanties-Fueled Journey with Boom Pirates Slot

Imagine the Caribbean seas during the 17th century when mercenaries have been searching for new lands, and when honor and justice lost all meaning. Those were the times when the pirate era was at the peak which Foxium decided to use as the inspiration for their latest release. They used Boom Pirates slot to tell the story of the captain Mary and her crew. Join them for this swashbuckling adventure at any Foxium Casino of your choice.

The Explosive Experience

Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare the powder kegs if you want to help Foxium celebrate their latest release, Boom Pirates. Looks like these guys have finally nailed down what makes a quality online slot. So stick with us and let’s take a look what treasures you stand to gain if you choose to stand by Mary.

A swashbuckling, sea-shanties fueled journey with a shipload of new and innovative technologies.

The legendary captain Mary picks up her cutlass and along with her fully animated crew will take a chance at raiding the undefended port set across up 9 reels and up to 10077696 paylines. The base setting is 5 reels with 4 rows that can be expanded to field that will cover 9 reels and 6 rows.

Boom Pirates slot will bring the age of buccaneers back to life, and along with that you will get to see some stunning artwork, fully animated and beautifully designed 3D characters, and get to experience 3 explosive special features that, if you put up a good fight, might just reward you with great treasures.

The Innovation behind the Story

For those who might not be familiar with Foxium let us explain it briefly. Basically, Foxium is one of those independent studios that Microgaming supplies the platform to, along with the know-how while the studios focus on creating the content. At the beginning of it all, Foxium struggled to understand what makes a good slot, but by the look of things, they have started to grow up, and they are slowly turning to be a proper slot creator. Thanks to Boom Pirates the giant leap they took is more than visible, and here’s why.

The one thing that is brand-new and packed in Boom Pirates is the Foxium’s Wonderways technology. What it does is helps the playing grid to expand dynamically while the ways to win can reach from over a 1024 to over 1007696 pay ways, and that is for a single spin. Thanks to this, all of those who join Mary’s jolly crew will stand to land up to x3800 total bet in this bonus round only.

Pioneering two new groundbreaking, trademarked technologies, Boom Pirates is primed to ignite with innovation when it brings the buccaneering experience to players this autumn. WonderwaysTM allows the playing grid to grow dynamically for a single spin, while FoxifyTM amplifies the player’s bet by 50% to increase the chance of triggering Boom Pirates’ signature bonus game. In addition, there is the Free Spins feature which awards a pool of 10 spins that will be played across 9x6 grid.

The latest in a roster of strong female leads in Foxium games, the fearsome Mary is also the star of Boom Pirates’ other exclusive features. At any time, she can swing in from off-screen, cross-slash with her cutlass, and turn a non-winning spin into a five-of-a-kind match.

Joining Captain Mary and her crew as the Foxium is hoisting the Jolly Roger and you will be in for a fantastic and action-packed experience that is playable in both landscape and portrait orientation.

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